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The first day of fall is this week, this is my favorite time of the year, I love the cool nights the changing tree colors. Fall brings a new energy after the lazy days of summer. Fall brings the start of school. With that in mind I have found another of my late brother-in-laws poems on his summer...
Remembering My Brother in Law Jack I have been Remembering My Brother in Law Jack this week, we lost him two years ago. He was a wonderful story teller, and I would like to share with you here on Active Rain some of his work. When we were still in college I typed some of his early work, oh how I ...
Here we go again!  It's time for our second season at Maggie Brady is raising money for her school through a magazine drive.  Last year, she won the iTouch for superior sales efforts.  Here's Maggie congratulating Linda Davis for being the "smartest REALTOR in Connecticut".     W...
Advice to Commission Sales agents families Some sage advice to potential agents and more importantly their families in the wonderful world of commission sales. When Bill left the safe secure world of 9 to 5 banking to our families collective dismay, banking was safe dependable, no risk. We were l...
Have you ever been in the dark with a mosquito? As I was checking my e mail I found my todays quotes from "If you think you are too small to be effective, you havenever been in the dark with a mosquito."-- Betty Reese This got me thinking about Active ...
Did you know that today is the birthday of Gunsmoke? Gunsmoke, the longest-lasting TV western, premiered in 1955 on CBS. JamesArness starred as Marshal Matt Dillon. The show ran for twentyyears until September 1, 1975. But before that it was a radio show from April 1952 to June 1961 starting Wil...
We got this from our son, have it for holiday dinners .  I like that it can be done day before so you have more time on the day of celerbration. We do our in clear pyrex pan so layers show. Also travels well for picnics.   Layered Lettuce SaladLettuce ( Green Leaf, Bib, Romane etc. any of the non...
    This a fun easy appetizer to make. A friend of mine got it when she was going to one of the chef schools in Las Vegas.   Crab Stuffed Mushrooms ½ lb crab meat 8 oz cr. cheese 2 gr. onions 30-40 mushrooms 1 cup cheddar cheese Worcester sauce garlic powder dash of salt 1. chop up crab meat real...
I though I would re post this today as we all get ready to go over the river and through the woods.   There was a time in our lives As you well know, When there was a special place Called Grandma's House. On a quite street Lined with proud old trees, Was an aged two-story house That meant so much...

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