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I was surffing the web tonite and found this just have to pass it along. The cat is having so much fun, our cat use to lie on the dock and play with the carp, he would fall in sometimes never caught anything though. I sure hope this one does not. I hope this provides a laugh for all as it did for...
I like Bill wish all of our friends and Active Rain Family a very Merry Christmas and a very good 2011. I have every belief that Santa will be good to you all tonight, and don't worry about the jockies.. BrendaTwas The Night Before Christmas, Revisited Twas the night before Christmas, when all ac...
The moon is perfect tonight, here in Houston. I sure will check out the Eclipse. When I was checking out time here in Houston I found this, so check with the school to get more infromation. To give residents the chance to check out the lunar eclipse Dec. 21 up-close-and-personal, the Humble Indep...
Wow! 235 years! It seems like just yesterday. They predate our country by eight months. There is hardly a conflict where the Marines weren't prominently involved. Semper FidelisThe Few The Proud The Brave the United States Marines! Today is the two hundred and thirty fifth birthday of our Marine ...
I like this it explains so much of our world.It does remind me of all those summers at Oshkosh. That was the way your Farm and Land brokers treated me when I could leave the kids and go with you. "Come on in..."also well describes your family and friends in Central Michigan. A long lost real esta...
I don't remember if we heard "The Little Engine That Could" as kids or not. I do remember Bill and I reading it to our kids! I think Amy had it on a record, I know she had a book. It certainly worked! Brenda Another Lesson From our Youth. Until recently it was always part of the American Dream t...
Bill forgot that I sang this to Eric and later Amy, but always, always with the little spider walking fingers going up and down. This reminds me of his Stone Tablets / Bill's Rules blog. There is so much we teach children with out knowing we're teaching. Or, them knowing that they are learning an...
Wings over Houston,  this weekend is the Wings over Houston Air Show if you have not made any plans for this after noon a good place to go. This is a Globe Master from yesterday. We had a good time, at Ellington Airport south of Houston off I-45 or Hwy 3.  
Election Day 2010   Election Day is fast approaching, it is one of our fundamental rights and one to many people are not using any more.  Look where apathy has gotten us. We will all be able to choose our elected official on November 2 2010, so do your part VOTE.   One of our local Texas State Se...
Hey! That's Me. No matter what Bill's photos imply that one is long before we met when I was just starting my last semester at Western Michigan University. He does stick his hand out and anounce "Hello, I'm Bill Archambault." I don't know about him at dances every time we'd go he claims I break ...

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