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My attempt to continue learning and gathering information about New Media. My goal is to assist agents looking to expand their presence online. By helping agents with their on-line marketing efforts, my hope is to build long-lasting, profitable relationships...
Facebook made another change this week (of course they did).  In the screencast above, I show you how to locate your friend lists if you need to filter the updates in your News Feed.  Anyone that has attended my Facebook workshop knows that these friend lists are central to the use of Facebook a...
  Happy Veterans Day to all that protect us and allow us the freedoms and liberties we many times take for granted... Many of my family, friends and clients served in the military, and we really need to take time out of our day to thank them for their service.   Find a Veteran today and tell the...
Yesterday, Mark Zuckerberg announced two new features for Facebook. The first is the ability to "Download Your Information" from Facebook to a .zip file. Your posts, photos, and videos are examples of the data you can now grab from Facebook. The second change is a new Group product. Only 5% of F...
I attended the RE track last year and it was a blast!  I was able to meet so many bloggers and people IRL that I had been learning from and talking to online only. The list of presentations looks great, and its in Vegas baby!  What else can I say?2010 REBlogWorld Program Schedule Content Creation...
Twitter is giving a face lift.   Photo and video links will be viewable directly on the site via a cool slide out feature.   There are a few other changes as well.    You can check them out on this video.   The changes are nice, but not nice enough to compel me to leave
Immediately after wrapping up the When Hell Freezes Over fantasy football draft last night, I heard Dean Ouellette (@deanouellette) mention to Jay Thompson (@phxreguy) that they play each other the first week. After some typical chest pounding, testosterone fueled smack talk, they decided to put...
The Hootlet application is one of HootSuite's most powerful features. While browsing the web, you can quickly and easily forward the link to your social networks with two clicks. No more cutting and pasting links into Facebook or LinkedIn. Let the HootSuite Hootlet do all the work for you... Be ...
In part 2 of my HootSuite series, I look at the role of streams.   Streams are the columns of information that you control.   Streams can be from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, FourSquare and more.   Streams can also be customized searches and also used for keyword tracking.   With streams residin...
Did you know you can change the URL to your Facebook profile?   Simply go to and you can customize your URL.   Be careful, however, as you only can change it once.   Double check the spelling before submitting... If you have an Official Page (or pages) on Facebook, you can ...
In this video, I show the main steps to creating a Facebook Official Page. Obviously, there is much more to creating a successful. compelling page, but you have to start somewhere. Remember, these pages are visible to anyone with a Facebook account. There are no privacy settings, nor do you have...

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