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My attempt to continue learning and gathering information about New Media. My goal is to assist agents looking to expand their presence online. By helping agents with their on-line marketing efforts, my hope is to build long-lasting, profitable relationships...



The Hootlet application is one of HootSuite's most powerful features. While browsing the web, you can quickly and easily forward the link to your social networks with two clicks. No more cutting and pasting links into Facebook or LinkedIn. Let the HootSuite Hootlet do all the work for you... Be ...
In part 2 of my HootSuite series, I look at the role of streams.   Streams are the columns of information that you control.   Streams can be from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, FourSquare and more.   Streams can also be customized searches and also used for keyword tracking.   With streams residin...
Did you know you can change the URL to your Facebook profile?   Simply go to and you can customize your URL.   Be careful, however, as you only can change it once.   Double check the spelling before submitting... If you have an Official Page (or pages) on Facebook, you can ...
In this video, I show the main steps to creating a Facebook Official Page. Obviously, there is much more to creating a successful. compelling page, but you have to start somewhere. Remember, these pages are visible to anyone with a Facebook account. There are no privacy settings, nor do you have...
Creating Friend Lists in Facebook allows you to control your News Feed and your privacy in a more effective way. If you created a Past Client list, by simply clicking on the list, the News Feed is filtered and only their updates appear.   This can be helpful if you have limited time but don't wa...
Every day, more agents enter the blogosphere.   A disturbing trend is poor grammar and spelling in some of these posts.   I compare it to a football referee.   When they do everything right, they go unnoticed.  They make a mistake, and they become the center of attention.   Same rules apply to g...
As homeowner associations try to beef up their reserves, working capital fees are becoming more prevalent. I can remember when only two associations charged this fee. Now, nearly half of our transactions with the property in a planned unit development have some sort of additional "fee". In the c...
In order to keep up with the latest news and information, you need to have a plan. For me, finding good sources is key. e-mails a daily four to six minute video full of the latest mortgage and real estate related news. Brian and Frank are funny, informative and smart. I als...
If you haven't explored, you are missing out on an extraordinary presentation tool. I have vowed to never prepare another Power Point slide show, unless forced by threat of violence or induced by cash payment. The Prezi below was prepared to run on a loop at ARMLS's Twilight Training. T...

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