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Tips and techniques to help real estate professionals make more money in less time and enjoy their life more.
Think you have an interesting home for sale? Arizona’s real estate market has a unique property for sale near the sweeping views of the Mule Mountains in the town of Bisbee, Arizona. Unlike your typical ranch home, this one is has deep “natural” charm to it. The Cave House boasts a guesthouse, tw...
I have been involved in real estate training for almost 35 years. In that time I can honestly say open houses are the most frequently done and most frequently done wrong activity in the real estate business. And even though it is the most frequently done activity, if you ask, most agents will exp...
I try to use real life examples when delivering my real estate training and in the classic book The Art of War, Sun Tzu noted that soldiers fight the most ferociously when they believe they're fighting to the death. A good general knows that when attacking an opposing force, it's important to cre...
GO Power   Are you like so many people today, pushing and shoving your way through life trying to achieve some sort of success but aren’t sure what success looks like? Do you tear through each day, each week, and each month without any idea where you are going, without a plan for your life, perso...
Today is Technology Thursday so for our real estate training segment we are going to focus on 5 simple tips for building affinity on Facebook. Facebook uses the EdgeRank algorithm to determine the posts that should be shown on a user's Top News feed. The algorithm works reasonably similar to Sear...
Today is wacky Wednesday, the day I don’t have to write about real estate training or real estate coaching and instead I try to share unique, unusual and funny stories that make us think or make us laugh. Today I am going to share my favorite YouTube video of all time. This video has had 104,665,...
Today for our Tuesday real estate training series we are going to focus on building our listing inventory by converting the expired listing owners. Even as the market starts to show signs of a rebound, there are still plenty of expired opportunities. Most agents ignore the expired owners because ...
Today is Motivational Monday and our real estate training is focused on responsibility. Do you believe that everything you are or ever will be is up to you? Everything in your life exists because of your behavior, words, and actions. You are responsible for your success and failure, your happines...
What are you going to do today? Run a proactive real estate business and follow a plan of action steps calculated to help you achieve your goals or fly by the seat of your pants and see what happens? The choice is up to you. In our real estate training programs we believe there comes a time in ev...
Use SEO to get your website to the top of Google and the other search engines. Today for our real estate training segment we are going to focus on keyword research. One of the most important steps you need to take in starting your SEO (search engine optimization) process is to identify your targe...

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