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A 4-Star Restaurant Catered OurCompany’s Picnics in Hermann Park By Bill Cherry There’s an interesting paradox.  Most of America – its governments, its factories and its businesses – for nearly the first two hundred years was primarily built by people with varying degrees of education. But what i...
  It's difficult to believe that there are very many real estate sales people who don't intuitively know the primary components of building their business. Maybe getting an occasional tweaking by their agency's sales trainer or by bringing in the advice of an outside trainer like Brian Buffini is...
   Brad "Martini" Chambers Martini in the Morning Here at “World Headquarters” a major part of each day is analyzing and developing financial plans for clients who want to safely prepare for the future.  Between phone consultations, I am kept company by Brad Chambers, a guy who offices in Studio ...
My friend David Groll is what insiders call an executive chef.  It’s a term, like Realtor that the public calls all of us.In this case, executive chef is often an incorrect trumped up title that the public assigns to everyone who wears a white jacket and tall white hat and is associated with the ...
Here's what happened.  On June 5th, my AR post was titled “I Wonder Why Realtors Drive a Lexus?”  To date, the AR counter shows that 9,483 of you read it, and 231 of you commented.  Most of the 231 of you who commented defended your decision to drive a Lexus as being a Realtor's inalienable right...
This is a sermon that was given by the rector (pastor) of the Episcopal Church where my wife and I are members.  I think it is the best sermon I have ever heard, so I asked for a copy so that I could share it with you.  Our church is Church of the Incarnation in Dallas, one of the largest Episcop...
    William S. Cherry and No CompanyAmerica’s financial coachparkavenuewealthcoach.com972 677-7028   I can't be tricked! I've been where you are today, and yesterday, and the day and the year before that.  You see, I made my living as a successful real estate broker for decades, living on commis...
I wrote and posted this some years back.  It seems to me that it’s time to post it again, this time for those who improperly learned what a “quitclaim deed” is and its proper use. I have come to believe that many real estate agents, title company officials, loan officers and even attorneys have a...
A long time ago, after being burned more times than I care to remember, I made it a point to be sufficiently vague when someone would ask me for a recommendation for a service company. So I normally run for the high ground when friends and clients ask whom I use.  Every now and then, I make an ex...
Most New Realtors Are Not Prepared for the Shock. My guess is that most people who enter the real estate business as salespersons have never attempted to establish and maintain a personal financial life based on commission earnings.They are in for a shock.Real estate sales is an odd business, rea...


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