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  How to end up with enough money    Thursday, June 5, 2014  - Galveston County Daily News   By BILL CHERRY Bill Cherry is a financial coach with   If you listen to the radio as you drive about on weekends, you probably hear the 30-minute — sometimes hour long — inf...
If you're forty years old and you believe you will be anxious to retire at seventy, you've got thirty years remaining to accumulate the wealth you will need to sustain your non-working retirement years. The trick is to have enough saved so that no matter how long you live after retirement, you'l...
HERE'S HOW   There are three objectives, and I am going to list them in the order of the most important Your primary objective is to make certain that every dime and every dollar you accumulate is safe from loss and, as much as possible, from exposure to taxes.  We call this your Safe Money. Your...
I’ve decided that those who propose allowing access of property sales closing statements to Texas central appraisal districts could be a good thing. But that would come with one caveat. The appraisal district would be required to immediately post the sales price to the new owner’s appraisal accou...
Message from the former president of the University of North Texas, one of my alma maters. I’m posting it here for those of you to see who are in the planning stages of sending your children off to college.  My personal college career included, in addition to the University of North Texas, Tulane...
A few years back, Patty and I volunteered to help serve meals at Dallas’ Austin Street Shelter. Patty’s been a licensed professional counselor (a psychotherapy designation) for more than thirty years, and had very active practice until she took semi-retirement a couple of years back. I wanted to ...
Foreclosures still behind in many parts of Florida because of so many defaults.  However, the activerain Florida agents I’m in touch with say they’re selling just fine.  What does that tell you? Until the new home market reaches a serious comeback, real estate is not significantly contributing to...
Many people name their church as a beneficiary of their estate. The problem is that more often than not, the church never gets its part of the inheritance. In the case of a will, the executor or trustee never lets the church know that it was named as a beneficiary; the other beneficiaries spend a...
Available in e-book from Amazon.com20 Bucks Here's an interesting exercise for you:1) Look at the balance owed on each of your credit cards on December 31, 2013.  Add them up.2) Look at the balances owed on each of your credit cards on March 1, 2014.  Add them up.3) Subtract 1) from 2) and write ...
  Here's a reality check we should complete at least once a year: My net worth at the beginning of 2010 was: My net worth at the beginning of 2011 was: My net worth at the beginning of 2012 was: My net worth at the beginning of 2013 was: My net worth at the beginning of 2014 was:   The amount I ...


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