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You have a client who bought a house with less than 5% down a couple of years ago and now they need to sell.  It may be very likely that they now owe more on the property than it is worth in today's market.  "No problem" you say "We'll just look to do a short sale."  Hold on!  You may be missing ...
 Despite the gloom and doom of the nightly news reports, there are several bright spots in the real estate market, one of which is below.This is a GREAT time for first time home buyers!  They do not have to sell a home in order to buy.The large home inventory affords buyers several properties to ...
There is (or was) a reality game show called Fear Factor.  It gathered together a group of contestants and the host challenged them to a series of risky tasks.  The contestants were eliminated one at a time until the winner was determined.The new Fear Factor is the nightly news.  Lately every eve...
Everyone has heard the horror stories of transactions that failed for any one of many reasons.  Financing did not get approved, inspections went bad, the buyers or sellers circumstances changed or an issue developed that could not be resolved.  One of the most effective deterrents to avoiding the...
"Put me in Coach! I'm ready to play!"  As a former high school football coach, I heard those words from eager, young athletes many times.As a real estate agent in Springfield, MA I rarely see this type of enthusiasm from prospective buyers contemplating entering today's real estate market.  Inste...
What does real estate have to do with a twenty dollars dinner?  Let me tell you a story. In my hometown a new restaurant opened up.  The opening was eagerly anticipated in the community because this management group had sister restaurants in a neighboring locality and each one had an enviable rep...

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