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Having been a 40+year Realtor , I have seen a number of unusual decorating concepts . I have toured homes with owners who were very proud of their Improvements. But never before have I ever seenthis many at once !  Please enjoy, laugh and share this blog post with any DIYers you know ! You just c...
.    According to 23 & Me , I’m about 18% Irish . Well Isure proved it tonight with my Annual Cornbeef & Cabbage St Paddy’s Dinner . A huge plate of Cornbeef& Cabbage, cooked carrots & celery and red skinned potatoes quickly disappeared. Our waitress was stunned that I finished it all (lol) .Many...
.      I am not a Winter person . January and February tend to drag on . But with March, Spring is right around the corner . And for me , my passion, Baseball returns .       It has long been a dream for me to spend the entire month of March in Florida and going to 10-15 Spring Training Games . I...
.         College Football is going through Realignment again. And the PAC 12 finds itself in a very precarious situation. It is on the verge of being raided again and the possible loss of more schools . Two things have brought about this :    1. USC and UCLA are leaving the PAC for the BIG 10in ...
     Fastnachts are German/ PA Dutch tradition on Fat Tuesday. In German their name means “fast nite”or the night before Ash Wednesday when Lenten fast begins . Fastnachts are eaten before and during the Lenten season. They come plain , powder sugaredor glazed .  I eat about 3 donuts per year , ...
        In 1981 , one of these appeared on the scene . Prior to this , Real Estate Agents had to carry pocket sized Mortgage Payment Books . By 1995 , real estate trainers had taught more than 50% of all licensees how to use a Financial Calculator. In a matter of seconds you could show a consumer...
.          As the Real Estate continues to Shift , we are experiencing a return to a Normal Real Estate Market.Both 2021 & most of 2022 were Record Setting years .Days on Market has increased to 25 Days , which is still a very good indicator. Sales activity is down , but not far from a typical Ja...
.    Today is National Pizza Day ! A friend from FL is sharing the History of Pizza . I’m still shocked that I never had pizza until I was 8 or 9 years old ! It was Love at First Site ! Enjoy the history lesson .  Of Pizza That IS!! Though flatbreads with toppings were consumed by ancient Egyptia...
.    Mold is a very serious thing to deal with . Ran into this post which highlights 5 areas in your home where you might encounter Mold . It’s a good readthat will coach U as to where you should be checking in your own home . Pass it on to a friend ................ Top 5 Reasons for Mold Growth ...

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