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The dramatic urgency of now is one of my favorite expressions. Act now, based of the knowledge you have garnered from your past, to affect your future. Waiting until the future to act means you've left it until too late. I have always lived my life by this guiding principle. Until, well, now. If ...
Hal stood at the kitchen window looking out over the back yard. In three years this was perhaps the first time he had stood here. The kitchen was Kerry's domain. He ruled the small garage and the yard, Kerry the kitchen and Lisa the living room that was always cluttered with her toys.  As he stoo...
I'm not complaining. Really I'm not. I'm just lost or confused or both. 5) Why can I organize my associates but not the blogs I subscribe too? It makes no sense. My list of blog subscriptions is varied. I subscribe to some because I work with them (Bill), some because the author usually makes me ...
Yes folks, I Beth Forbes, have a solution to the housing crisis! I'm a genius. The problem in a nut shell is over supply coupled with under demand. I read an article a few weeks ago, Fear of Financing, written by Janet Guilbault that I felt accurately described part of the cause of the current cr...
Property investment for resale has been glorified in shows like "Flip that House", in the ultimate sellers market a few years ago people with very little experience were making big bucks doing this. Things have changed a little since the days when you could buy a house, throw some paint on it and...
I woke up and felt a nameless fear. I stared around my bedroom in the early morning gloom and all seemed as it should be. Partner already up, I could smell the coffee, dogs still in sleeping, I could hear them snoring, no ill effects from my long run the day before, I flexed and all parts seemed ...
and no word of sanction upon my being. I am the warrant and the sanction. ~Ayn Rand Anthem Just when you least expect it, you open your email and you see a contact from Active Rain. This normally means good things. A referral, a question one of the members needs help with, the opportunity to earn...
Many people have told me recently that I'm crazy but I think I have finally come to my senses. It's been a long year with lots of ups and downs. This time last year I was made an offer I couldn't refuse. I was offered a position as the Eastern and Southern Region Sales and Operations Manager for ...
Now that's the 85 dollar question, isn't it? There are many wonderful resources that explain the information lenders need to pre-qualify and pre-approve you for a mortgage loan. Call me if you have any questions about this or need to be preapproved. Your mortgage lender reviews and verifies the i...
There has been so much said recently about Patriotism, Heroes and being a true American. I have kept my mouth shut (mostly).Election Day is really the day we celebrate being Americans. The 4th of July is a great picnic and the fireworks are always appreciated but Election Day is the real celebrat...

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