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If you are looking to see if your property is profitable, then check out this awesome Rental Yield Calculator. The calculator allows you to work out the rental yield from Property Purchase Price Costs or The current Property Value.   
We please to annoice that we have updated section 21 notice form to allow landlords with option download free section 21 notice template word. This will help landords to easily create the send notice.  
The EICR is becoming  requirmetns for landlords from June.  The EICR lasts 5 years but  replace it as needed to ensure it remains valid.What should an electician check for onvisual inspection for EICR?There are a number of things that you should pay attention to with their visual inspections such...
Those days are long gone when managing real estate data was limited to offline paper. And yes, floppy disks were used by real estate managers to store and transfer data from one place to the other. Today, the use of the internet and smart devices has revolutionized the property management industr...
I wanted to find out how property management varies depending on if you are managing corporate tenants vs standard tenants. Would love to hear about people who are working each of the areas to get insights on what works and what could be industry insights. 
Are Property Management Companies London using the latest software and automation technologies to simplify their process and deliver better services to landlords? We are doing a survey of the number of companies and looking to analyse the results to help us develop insight into how letting agents...
There was a time when landlords had troubles to manage their data on paper. It used to effect a great deal on their business. Then came the heavy portals that stored real estate data through complex channels. But cloud property management software has made things way easier now. The property data...
Landlords and Property Managers who manage properties should look at Property Management Software to help them with the efficient management of properties. The article gives an outline of the top benefits of using property management.
Property management business is a hard one to lead and grow. It is said because there are so many things to look and take care of. From rental profiles, vacant rental postings, to property deals and finance records; everything is needed to be lined up at the bay of your custom door. Therefore, sc...
If you are looking to find a quality local property management company to manage your rented property, its best to get quotes from more than one company and compare the quality and price of their services, but this can take a lot of time and effort. Besmove comparison service offers a one-stop sh...


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