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It is great when you find that "niche in the market" and people compliment you and say "finally, what a wonderful idea". Although the title says "Seniors in Transition", the service is open to everyone who has had the undaunting task of facing THE MOVE. Friends or family are not always readily av...
Being the "new kids on the block" we would greatly appreciate some advice from other stagers out there. Today, we set up an 1750 empty home and dressed 4 rooms, kitchen and 2 bathrooms. Great result, happy customers.Our question: what is the correct way of charging, by the size of the home, by th...
Shirley Huth and I have now officially joined forces, operating under 1st Stage Transformations. We work great together as stagers and redesigners.I consider us a bit like "the staging rivalries", we each have our own opinions and taste.  That is a great advantage because we can cover so many dif...
Yesterday, Shirley and I drove down to Victoria together with her husband Gary. We went in Gary's truck loaded with boxes and containers. A week before I had had one of those desparation calls that kids are so good in. "Mom, I am moving to Vancouver and I need your help to come and stage my apart...
Someone mentioned today that it might not be a good idea to advertise a home that has been staged, as such. In other words, once the home is on the market, let it do it's thing.  Don't go telling the neighbourhood that it is staged.Why? Because the feeling is that advertising a staged home could ...
Well, I just had to respond to Morgan Carey's blog about how we met, how long we have known each other, how our paths have crossed and how, once again, we have met. This time through AR and I must say, I am just delighted that we have made this connections once again.As Morgan mentioned, I am now...
Home Staging and Real Estate go hand in hand. Let me help you let your home "stand out from the crowd". You will be more relaxed and less stressed. You home will sell faster and for more money. Money spent on staging is like "money in the bank". Give me a call and let me show you how effective an...

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