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National Teacher Appreciation Week 2016This is National Teacher Appreciation Week and it is time to thank a teacher who helped you or one of your children. Teachers do so much to give children guideance, a love of school and education, support so take this week to thank them for all they do. The ...
Do You Think People Read Your AR Blog....Absolutely This past several weeks I have received multiple phone calls from two people who read my blog and both touched my heart. I decided to share the stories.  1) I received a call from a local minister and he asked me about a post I published on AR l...
Milliannials' Obstacles to Purchase a Home Here is a simple chart prepared by C.A.R. (California Association of Realtors) with data supplied by NAR. As the chart shows there are quite a few reasons that Millennials do not run out and buy homes right out of school. Many have lived on credit cards ...
May 13-15 is the Yucaipa 5th Annual Music & Art FestivalMay 13th, 2016 6-10 pmMay 14th, 2016 12-10 pmMay 15th, 2016 12-7 pmThe 2016 Music and Arts Festival will offer a lineup of classic rock and country themed musical entertainment with a feature performance by classic rock legend “Starship feat...
Happy Earth Day 2016- Go Plant a TreeToday is National Earth Day for 2016 and what better way to celebrate then by planting a tree. Here is a new tree I planted this week and I put a dripless water irrigation system in the ground to save water. Other ways to celebrate this week: Many planting cer...
Having Sex in Empty Commercial BuildingA year or more ago our company was purchasing a building and a room full of agents were told to go and check out this building and then we were were coming back in a week to vote needing a majority vote to proceed to purchase the building.It was in a shady p...
Lots of Bull in YucaipaWhile going for a listing appointment I came across these cows and bulls up in the north end of Yucaipa where there are a lot of ranches and fields of cows, pigs, goats and horses. I came across these long horn steers and noticed the baby calf so I just had to stop after th...
Do You Know the Fair Housing Rules about Service AnimalsFrom the Real Estate Files Service Animals Many landlords and property managers do not know that people with disabili􏰁es have the right under both Federal and California Law to use the services of a guide, signal or service animal and ...
Would You Rent or Buy Jeffrey Dahmer's  Home Tonight on the national news, a segment about Jeffrey Dahmer's childhood home is on the market  for rent in July 2016 during the Republican National Convention in Cleveland Ohio. Jeffrey Dahmer, a convicted serial killer, now deceased, used to live in ...
Easter Trivia from the Rain Try these questions on others today and and show everyone how smart you are. Your friends and family will be amazed. The answers are at the bottom of the post. 1. In the Middle Ages, it was believed that certain activities should never be performed on Good Friday becau...

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I am a Southern California Realtor and have a wide variety of interests. First of all Real Estate is my real love and focus point but I do have Hobbies. I am interested in Photography; Nature, Landscaping, Lunar and Solar Phases, but Birds are my favorites. I also enjoy scrapbooking, blogging, and traveling; beaches, deserts, and mountains. I am also involved in the community organizations and charities. I care about the Inland Empire and making it a better place to live. I write this daily blog composed of nature, real estate news and interesting stories in Southern Califoria and other places across the United States.