Workstyle.  Just like we all have a lifestyle that is unique, we also have a workstyle.    What's your workstyle?   Do you work from home or an office?  Work from your car?   Meet clients at a coffee shop or a conference room? Do you primarily use a laptop or a mobile device to communicate?   Do ...
Clearly the secret to posting an Auto Awesome on Active Rain is embedding in the code.     For this post I changed the size of the Auto Awesomes to 640 x 480.   This fountain sculpture at #UVillage was just too enticing for the little girl passing by... From activerain     Here is the same Auto A...
Auto Awesome is one of my favorite new tech toys, and I don't even have to do anything to play with it.   I when I take sevearal photos of the same setting Google makes an Auto Awesome out off them for me.  From what I can tell it is much like a GIF.    Need an example?  Check out the one below t...
Client Meetings. Setting the date is only half the job.   Finding a place with the right vibe, that’s the real trick. Chocolat Vitale   This is the place you bring clients for a casual meeting.  Low key.  Hip.  A bit off the beaten path.  Interesting and intriguing.  Something they will remember....

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