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We all know the drill - open up the mailbox at home, sort through all the junk mail, the bills, and the occasional personal item (bulk mail rate stamp, of course hahahaha!). Funny thing about the bills, though - I pay them off every month, but they keep sending them on a monthly basis. Did you kn...
How often do you go to the office and check your mailbox? Are there some things from vendors that hit the trash can without even a glance? What grabs your attention: a colorful envelope, a curiously lumpy one, a flyer with cartoons? Tell me about the craziest thing you found in the mailbox over y...
Well, I just finished a visit to the accountant for our business taxes, and things went better than I hoped for. We've been "planting seeds" by marketing all winter long, and are waiting for the blossoms to unfurl in a positive way this Spring. I know a lot of people use flower seed marketing, bu...
We all have them - drawers stuffed with things vendors drop off for us at the office, or stuff in mailboxes. Pens, nail files, jar openers, magnets, etc. Clutter central or right in the old round file (trash), right?Do you have anything that you really wish they WOULD bring more of? I personally ...
Everybody likes to feel special. I think that Birthday card marketing is not utilized enough. Did you know that 91% of Realtors don't stay in contact with past clients? Now, I know that some of them...well, you might not want to! But the majority of them are satisfied with your services and know ...
Here's a forwarded picture a friend sent to me that really made me laugh. I thought we could have fun trying to describe it in an ad. Time to get creative people!! Study the picture - the property has sooooo many unique features. I have received it many times from many different people in emails ...
Since so many new agents come to Active Rain and need to know how to follow up with clients successfully, please tell me what has worked well for you in the past. I know of a unique internet tool that is putting follow ups on automatic, but want to hear what techniques others are presently using.

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