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I read in the newspaper that at 3pm today, Memorial Day, all around the country people are going to pause in their festivities for a moment of silence to remember why we are celebrating, and who we are remembering. Pass it on! Barb
With all the new technology available to keep in touch with your loved ones and business contacts like email, text messaging, podcasts, etc. has Grandmother's old fashioned courtesies gone out the window? You know the kind - the touchy-feely thanks you's and the sweet just thinking about you type...
whirrrrrr.....are you ready to point and shoot with me? Looking for something to do with all those digital pictures of houses for sale and such on your computer right now? Here goes! Idea #1: Take pictures of your clients in front of the home they just purchased from you, and ask for the names an...
To Get: Means you always have something that you want the recipient to give back to you. You want to tell them how great you or your company are so they use you You want them to purchase something from you. You want a referral from them To Give: Means you are sending them things that tell them yo...
Hi,I recently heard about a really clever way of networking that's gaining a lot of popularity. It's called Speed Networking, and it's like Speed Dating where you meet a lot of people one on one for about 5 minutes, they ring a bell, and you switch seats to talk to someone else. You pay about $20...
Ok, is it someone's idea of a sick joke on my (sort of) older eyes, or is the type on all the contracts and such getting really tiny? I've started traveling with a credit card sized magnifying glass in my purse, just in case I need it, and those giant computer monitors are really looking SWEET!! ...
If you need to find locations where you can go to work on your laptop, go to this website! Locations all around the country. I personally love Panera Bread, which opened up a few miles from me - free wireless, cozy booths to spread out in, warm fireplace and good food. Nice for quick meetings.Fin...
Ok, I've got a serious problem here and need help from some neatniks or cleanfreaks (you know who you are).My home office is now overflowing with paper piles - all great info that I print out from places on the internet. I even taught myself web design that way. Now there's an Active Rain pile si...
Everybody does it - you want to say something meaningful in that card your're writing, but suddenly your brain cells freeze solid and your eyes cross. You've filled out one too many thank you cards and your hand is cramping into "the claw".Here are two resources for you to check out that I use of...
I heard that each person knows at least 250 other people (casual aquantainces as you go through your day count too!).I started counting (family, friends, co-workers, doctor, dentists, kid's friends & family, guy at the gas station, etc.). So, if you touch one life in a positive way...who might th...

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