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As we go through life with it's hurried pace we tend to take those we love for granted and think that they will always be around. They won't. People die. lovers leave, children grow up and move away. Why do the ones we care the most about seem to always sink to the bottom of our daily "to do" li...
Hello, maybe I'm a "Frieda Homeseller" or a "Fred Homebuyer", maybe I'm not. Here's a true story with a morale for you: Several years ago I walked into 3 different real estate companies to get some information. At 2 of them, no one was at the front desk. I ended up walking back out of all three w...
 I just thought you'd all get a laugh with these cards I made. Enjoy! Barb
I don't know about you, but I am getting pretty tired of being on an important call (at least to me) talking with someone when the old call waiting BEEP keeps breaking up the conversation. Then, when the persistent caller just won't go away, the person I've been talking to goes to answer it, sayi...
Since I'm using "Bonnie" (my new laptop) on a more frequent basis for demonstrations now, I'd like to get some advice form AR professionals about which wireless aircard they like the best. Currently, I'm going to free wireless hotspots like Panera Bread and the lobbies of nice hotels (like Cambri...
We all love it! Gooey, chewy, dripping with cheese. Which one around town is your favorite? I just answered a blog about the 23 cent Papa John's crowd, and it got me hungry for pizza. I cast my vote for Guiseppi's Pizza at the corner of S. Main St and Caston Rd.- deluxe, of course! I'd love to se...
I recently read something that really stuck with me! A little girl, who had moved again and again around the country for daddy's job, was moving into her most recent "new home" when the agent that sold the house to them stopped by with a housewarming gift. She got down on her knees to talk with t...
Oh My Goodness, the positives sure keep us going, right? One sincere moment of compliment or appreciation can make you walk on air for the rest of the day, and lift all your burdens right off your shoulders (at least temporarily - LOL). Things like someone taking the time to tell you what a great...
Custom lettering, Magnetic signs, bumper sickers, fancy wraps, custom plates, specialty plaques, etc. Let's hear it! If you have something really unique, post a picture so we can see it. If you have a good source for getting something like this, let us know where to find it! I found ...
Ok Rainers, Does anyone have any clever bumper stickers they'd lie to share? Mine's pretty boring and just has my website address on it. I saw a "Home Inspectors Are Good Lookers" one that I thought was cute - got my attention. What do you have on your vehicle (if any), and what funny/weird/stran...

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