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Sometimes we want to duplicate what successful people are doing. Sometimes we even HAVE the people who are successful telling us EXACTLY how they became that way. BUT THEN instead of "mirroring" success, we try to learn every subtle nuance, every little twist and turn,  every trick of the trade a...
This was on the Montel Williams Show today (1/14/09), and if you've ever had any identity theft in your family, you know how awful it can be and how time consuming. Over 10 million people per year have had identitiy theft happen to them, myself included after using a debit card at a drive thru pi...
Ok, somebody had to bring up the fact that tomorrow is the last day of 2008 and that April 15th is right around the corner. Happy New Year! Do you need a last minute deduction for the year? Go to and send a free card on me just to sample the SendOutCards system u...
Now that Christmas is past and a New Year looms on the horizon, now is a great time to start looking at those last minute business deductions for 2008 taxes (yeah, yeah somebody had to say it, right?). I just found a website with links to the IRS site for deductions you might want to see: http://...
I thought everyone would get a kick out of watching this video of a dog playing in REALLY deep snow. Introducing Bailey the Christmas Snowdog for your laugh of the day!      
FYI everybody!  The post office says that you have to have your Christmas/Holiday cards in the mail BEFORE December 15th. Are you ready to go? Here's a recipe for an easy cookie that someone brought to a big party we had recently. People were enjoying them a lot, and they disappeared very quickly...
  I've been wanting to get on a Segway personal transport for years now ever since I was in Put-In-Bay and saw the tours up there. I finally rode on one! There's a place in Akron that has just opened up uniques townhomes for sale called Spicer Village that has some lovely multi-level units that ...
Have you ever noticed that sometimes, no matter how you say something, no matter how much thought you give a phrase before it comes shooting out of your mouth, someone will always take it the wrong way? In both business and personal lives, the spoken word can get twisted around and certain words...
Here's a contest for you. I took this cool picture of sleeping lions at the zoo, and am going to make it into several cards, but I need different captions or what they might be saying. I thought "Just Lion Around" would be great, but WHAT is "lion around" your office waiting to be set up or sent ...
  Why did I ask if you sold to/for Verterans or their family members? Because I picked up a leaflet with information that your older clients might find interesting. If they have war collections they don't know what to do with, and don't want to keep (but want a good place for them), you can tell...

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