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We are all in a business that is decreasing in size, but we are still making it work. I'm thankful for the business that I have and appreciate it. I enjoy the work that I do and thank the lord above for it. The ones in business now are the ones that have put in the extra work over the years doing...
How far as a society have we fallen when some worship a guy that acts the way he does. Its all started a few years ago in Boston when he played for the Red Sox. His contract was ending soon and he wanted a extension from the Red Sox and they said we'll talk at the end of the year. We'll he didn't...
  I came across this story shared by the direct response marketing master, Don Jackson the other day and I wanted to share it with you.  There is an important lesson in here for us as marketers!  Next time someone asks you what business you are in, try responding this way:  "I'm in the business o...
    I remember Michael Jordan in the 1990's saying when he was in bed every night he would just close his eyes and play out each game, what went right and what went wrong. Each of his favorite shot he would take he would imaged in his mind making that shot and in clutch stetting when the game was...
   Christ had something to say about economics. He said, "Lay not up your treasures on earth, but lay them up in heaven." Some people have not laid up any treasure in heaven so they are in danger of losing what they have laid up on earth. Unless we rebuild GOD in our hearts we will never rebuild ...
  As we enter the new year of 2009, we find a glut of bank-owned homes clogging the real estate market. The pretty houses sell quickly for almost full price, but the dogs just sit on the market and rot.    Nothing good ever happen to a vacent house.    Yes the bank will eventually sell these hous...
A recession is a period in which you tighten up your belt. In a depression you have no belt to tighten up. And then you have no pants to hold up. Most of today's families are broke. It will just take a depression to make it official.      Have you ever stop to notice who gives to the Salivation A...
That right setting goals only 3% have a written plan, but those 3% out earn the 97% combined. Start planning for a successful 2009 have dreams like what would I do with a extra TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS. Always begin with the end in mind and People don't plan to fail they fail to plan. This make all t...
Thats right two place you don't want to hear OH MY GOSH is brain surgery and on a home inspection. You see I have been on both sides of the fence being a former realtor and now a home inspector and I have heard some stories and would like to hear yours.
I just started with activerain and I have never has such a blessing, join some group today that are christian based and it was not one, but all the one I read combined that did it for me. It's great to be apart of such a group that we can be alone at the computer but have so many friends.

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