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Safeguarding Your Seattle Rental Houses  Seattle rental houses are a great investment but you cannot achieve success if you do not properly manage them. The property manager on site has minimal powers and cannot take immediate action or make certain decisions regarding damage to the building. It...
Moving Out of Your Bothell Family Home with Your Children As a full grown adult, moving out of your Bothell family home can be extremely stressful, and difficult. Moving can be just as challenging, if not more so for children, but there are a few things you can do to make moving out of your Both...
The Current State Of Real Estate –Means For Shoreline WA.  Homeowners While you may be aware of the current Shoreline real estate conditions, you may not know about the state of things across the rest of the country and with our neighboring country. The economy is currently experiencing some sig...
New Homes with Juice on Queen Anne Hill According to a recent report by Pike Research by 2015 automakers worldwide are expecting to sell more than 3 million electric vehicles.  Forward thinking builder Martha Rose, president of Martha Rose Construction, is making it easy for home buyers to have ...
 Part 1 It is extremely important to prepare your Seattle home for the winter. While most people remember to buy warm clothes and footwear, many totally overlook their homes. Nothing can be more uncomfortable if not dangerous, than a freezing house during the cold winter months.  There are aspect...
Save Money by Winterizing Your Seattle Home Early-Part 1   Winter can be a nightmare if you are not well prepared for it and don’t winterize your Seattle home properly. It is important to prepare yourself and your home before the cold season sets in to keep your family warm and cozy.   Here are s...
Market snapshot of the three zip codes (98011 ,98012, 98021) that make up Bothell. Price Trends The median single family home price as of October 24, 2011 for the Bothell area (zip code 98011, 98012, 98021) is $350,000 coming off the 3 year bottom in early spring of  2011 and trending upward for...
A Seattle condo іѕ а form оf house thаt resembles аn apartment but іѕ owned bу thе individual. Thе access tо thе common facilities falls undеr thе legal rights аѕѕосіаtеd wіth individual ownership. Thіѕ type оf housing іѕ controlled bу thе Home Owners Association (HOA), representing joint ownersh...
Amazing Painting Tips Fоr Fixing Uр Thе Exterior Of Yоur Seattle House Painting thе exterior оf уоur Seattle house іѕ оnе оf thе mоѕt important home maintenance jobs possible. Thе paint аnd caulking іѕ уоur home’s major defense аgаіnѕt weather аnd water damage. Potential buyers аrе gоіng tо ѕее ...

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