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I think we have finally seen it all when it comes to financing residential Real Estate.  We have seen so many programs go away and our government now finances or insures about 95% of all loans for residential home-buyers.  The problem is the government has rules that we must adhere to so a proper...
The prices of most residential properties hacve fallen 30%-40% since 2005, but rents have stayed strong and interest rates are currently at historic lows.  With all of the moons aligned this is a great time to purchase investment properties.  If you purchase a property for $300,000.00 with 25% do...
I had some tenants move out of a property late last month and after I made a few repairs I put the house on the market for rent.  I can honestly say that I had no less than 80 calls to lease the property.  I did not think that I was asking too little or too much for the property, but I do like go...
I don't know if I was raised to think the way I do, but growing up I always thought about what I wanted in the future.  I thought, I wanted to go to school at UCLA and play basketball under coach Wooden, then play for the Lakers.  As I got older my dreams became more realistic, I wanted to get ma...
Interest rates have been increasing since early in November 2010 and most of what we have seen is due to an overreaction to any piece of economic news.  It actually makes me laugh that some of the bond traders truly believe that we are in the midst of an economic recovery.  REALLY?  Was I asleep ...
I wanted to put a word or two in writing from what I have seen over the past year in Real Estate.  In the beginning of 2009 we saw some pretty good activity with people buying houses. We had a lot of first time buyers take the plunge into buying their first property, plus we had a good amount of ...

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