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I was only eight years old when the Jimi Hendrix debut album “Are You Experienced” hit the music charts in 1967. I don’t recall being very experienced at anything at the time, although I was pretty good at tree climbing, and driving my mom crazy. Still, I remember (thanks to my older brother play...
I truly beleive that it's much easier to be nice than nasty. If you're naturally nasty, there may be a bit of work at the beginning, but eventually you'll get the hang of it! Both niceness and nastiness are contagious, so make a choice to spread the happy virus! Here's a tip that I learned (works...
This is not my listing, but the farm is owned by family of a very good client of mine. Please take a look!
As we all know, there is a mountain of mass media negativity out there, but do we Agents have to throw $4 a gallon gas on the fire? I attended a CE class today, and you'd have thought I was at a wake! It's not much different on the home tours- "poor me, blah, blah, blah"... Whether you believe in...
Along with my real estate career, I write a weekly advice column on all things "About The House". I pride myself on timely communication and responses to phone messages and emails. While I can always communicate a cheery disposition (even if I have to fake it!) through my voice, this doesn't alwa...
I first heard about Anthem in early '99. My in-laws, who retired to Sun City Grande several years earlier, dropped a not-so-subtle hint via an oversized full color brochure, express mailed to our Stamford Connecticut home. At that time, I was enjoying the fruits from building my construction busi...
I've been on Active Rain for about five days now, and I've had my share of techno-challenges. I seems like about half the time I've logged on, I've gotten an error message. I've tried twice to enter the "groups" page, and twice I've gotten proxy error messages. I didn't even know I had a proxy! I...
  Water damage! One of the biggest freak outs a homeowner can imagine! The thought of water getting into your wall cabinets and all over your possessions just ain’t a happy one. You insurance company doesn't like it too much either. Damage caused by water is the number one type of property claim ...
  I’m not going to pretend that I spend a lot of time in the laundry room. After countless pink t-shirts and shrinking my roomy boxers down to “tighty-whiteys” (OUCH!), the Boss has permanently revoked my laundry privileges! But, I do know a thing or two about dryer safety. Each year, fire depart...
When my girls were younger, they would name all the cute little bunny rabbits that visited our yard. “Look Daddy, there’s Hoppy, Jumpy, and Cottontail!” But as the guy who had to deal with the destruction of my landscaping, I had other names for them. “Stew” and “@%&*!” come to mind. Ok, they wer...

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