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  People who know me will tell you that I’m the epitome of a ‘dog lover’.  Rhodie is my Rhodesian Ridgeback mix that I adopted in 2006.  We have been thru quite a bit together.  He is my true buddy that is always there for me.  No matter how bad of a day I have he is there waiting for me with a b...
I have a pretty solid team in place and have strategic alliances with representatives from about every field in Real Estate.  Everyone from title companies, mortgage reps, contractors, notaries…you get the gist…heck I even have people in my rolodex who will pay you before your deal even closes J...
So everyone from a child running for student council to someone like me in this crazy world of real estate has been in a situation where everything seems to be going great.  You have life by the ‘tail’ nothing can stop you and then BAM! Something falls apart.  You feel as if the world is crumbli...
  It’s funny when I look back at the person I was and the person I’ve become and still ‘becoming’ in my life’s journey.  I cannot believe some of the thoughts and the lack of confidence that I had.  I know some friends, relatives and even some clients would not believe that I was a skinny, insecu...
    My 2010 was quite a learning experience.  I’ve been thru some quite trying times in my life.  In the past 24 months, I’ve lost my business a close family member of mine had passed and many times I felt quite lonely.   But from all that had happened I have learned a valuable lesson.  As I was ...

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