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Hi's been a while since I've been on AR - lots of things have been going on.  We made the decision to leave RE/MAX after being with them since 1993 and opened our own little real estate firm.  It was something that we've thought about for a long time; and the time just seemed right.   We...
In a market where a seller is lucky to get an offer, I find that inspections can throw a huge wrench in the works.  I normally present the Summary sheet to my seller and I suggest that he consider fixing whatever the buyer wants fixed.  I explain to the seller that all repairs are negotiable, but...
....about why not to leave an office in this type of real estate market, maybe kinda like the grass isn't greener....  It's been within the last 2-3 days; but trying to go back through all these blogs is cumbersome and I'm not making any headway.  If you know of the blog, and could send me the li...
..... UNC Chapel Hill.  My daughter is a Junior there; she came home last night for spring break.  She works at The Daily Tar Heel (newspaper), and yesterday before coming home, she was going from door to door interviewing people that heard the gunshots that took the life of Eve Carson, the Stude...
Hi all! Some time back, someone wrote about a Honey Do list.  I must share about my most recent event that came up yesterday.  The HVAC register in the kitchen hasn't been blowing out air for some time; no big deal, I would just crank up the heat and go stand on the vent in the Family Room.  Then...
My last blog, I talked about where are all the buyers?  But sometimes buyers aren't quite everything I don't guess.  I've had more time to do other things like:  For anyone that loves horses, I must share my experience of seeing the World Famous Lipizzaner Stallions this evening.  The show was he...
Our market in Charlotte, NC still isn't as bad as some of the other markets out in the country.  It boggles my mind how many great deals there are out there right now - and there's this huge lack of buyers!  Don't they know it's a GREAT time to buy right now - it's a Buyers Market?  There are so ...
I must say with the real estate business the way it is right now in Charlotte, NC, it is giving us the opportunity to see our granddaughter on most Sunday's.   You know what's better than having  your own children?  It's having a grandchild.  This is Madison Marie.I don't blog much, still learnin...
I"ve been getting my feet wet over the last several months to blogging on Active Rain, and have just joined this group and wanted to introduce myself.  The Art of Marketing sounds like a really great group to get a lot of good feedback and ideas.  I mostly use my web site nowadays, as my marketin...
In the Charlotte Observer yesterday, there was an article about WD40. Now we all know to use WD40 on hinges, screws, door locks, etc.  Well, this article suggested that it could be used on smudges, scuff marks, etc on hardwood floors, vinyl floors, etc.  I'm here to share with you that this stuff...

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