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Whether it is your home office computer system , your outlook on purchasing or selling houses and homes, your experience with a goofy title company, whatever, it can help others. If someone gains a new perspective, you have done a great thing. So comment on the blogs you read, contact us with questions and comments, take in the information, then write your own blog. Most importantly, god bless and good luck.... Steve Wyrick
Hello and welcome. I recently wrote a blog on lenders and tried to put into laymans terms some of what has happened over the last few years. Linked here . Bill Burress ( » Bill Burress Florida Mortgage Broker) commented on the domino e...
  There is alot of doom and gloom in the real estate and financial world right now, at least if you listen to the news. Just a moment ago I read another article about banks closing their lending division. Here is a link if you want to see it the exact article.

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Real estate, loans, economy, rants, and more. It is all related. Blogs can be so powerful, because they are often based on personal experience. This offers us a chance to learn from others, their successes, mistakes and spelling erors. (Just seeing if you are awake.) That is a source of wisdom, just ask your grandparents... In the spirit of learning, please feel free to contradict me if your experience OR OPINION is, well, contradictory.