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I have recently purchased a program that was in my opinion very affordable.  Very simply it is a setup like many of as have seen where you text "@#%@#" to 66361 to get info.  Each listing will have a different code and each code will send back info for its respective property.  Then it will ping ...
As a Realtor the short answer for me is Yes, definitely. Now I am definitely not saying that you should not shop other options and look around, but take a few of these things in mind to why your Realtor may have suggested this person. As a Realtor, we work 100% for free until the day that loan is...
I am a discount Realtor here in Dallas and was wondering thoughts on why exactly a listing agent deserves as much as a buying agent.  What tangible things to listing agents do that deserve this extra percentage?  Print advertisement to me is not a tangible or effective medium.  My basic opinion a...

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