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After we have provided a service for the clients regardless if we were able to make the sell or not. do you remember to ask about your services? do you have a series of questions that you ask ?How do you get testimonials from clients? i would like to start getting testimonials from clients, but i...
How many times do you call your center of influence, past clients and hot leads.? to ask for more leads.                                                      
CHANGE THE WAY YOU SEE EVERYTHING..... BY KATHRYN D. CRAMER PH.D. & HANK WASIAKI couldn't sleep after 3:00 am. so I go up grab a book. I got to share the with you.if you can go get this book and read it. see I was having a bad 3 days and all I could think about was why. so I went to the bookstore...
if we had to rate ourselves in every aspect of our work, at what rate do you fall in and where do you think you need to improved. and how are you going to improved it. rate it from 1 being the worst and 10 being the best.i'll give 10 go ahead and rate yourself.1. customer service2. prospecting3. ...
Have  any of you notice that the Realtors watch is wrong?I get to the office at 7:00 a.m and there's no one here until 9:00 a.m and they take a lunch break at 12:00 p.m if not early, to top it off they get to the office and start eating because they had no time to eat at home, while in the lunch ...
what happends after you get a client? how do you follow-up? well there are diffrent ways to can either buy an expesive program to follow-upor you can make your own program. if you are not a computer type, or you can't afford to buy a program, then you need to find different methods....
there are numerous ways to prospect, in this business nothingis asecret i got tell you some people are way to lazy to some of the following. NOW IS THE TIME TO GET TO WORK.....1. FSBOS2. EXPIREDS3. FARMING4. UP CALLS5. OPEN HOUSE6. REFERRALS7. NETWORKING8. RELOCATING9. COLD CALLING10 SIGN CALLS11...
how do you feel about prospecting expires? i've been doing it for two weeks and i had some great results. i've been going to almost 4 appoitments a week last week i did 2 appoitments a day, but since i'm the first one i can't seem to get the contracts sign, because the are interviewing other agen...
i'm back on the business after a 2 year break i decide to come back this is mine 1st week. when i was selling homes that market was moving so fast that i would sell a listing the same week i got it and i would find a buyer a home within 1-3 appointments, now the market has slow down a bit that i'...

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