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The Ernest's "Sharing with You" Blog is about our investing and managing property methods with real life examples. Experts or new investors get e-Books for new ideas and sample letters that work. At times I express my opinions and concerns regarding real estate business based on my international experience.
The Utopians dream for people equality since ancient times. Why people should be equal? Obviously we are not quite identical. What motivate us is what we do not have. To demonstrate the inequality of people is not the purpose of this article. Both communism and some kinds of socialism upheld the ...
I studied the people who achieved success, and I observed that they had control over their minds. I know from my experience that without thought control the success is not possible. I share here a short fragment from my "The Escape" e-book that explains how I have got to this conclusion: "I was f...
President Barack Obama announced that the General Services Administration (GSA) will accelerate its purchase of new cars for the government fleet by investing funds from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to buy about 17,600 new, fuel efficient vehicles produced by American auto companies...
GM is announcing the following changes:Rick Wagoner is stepping down as chairman and CEO, effective immediately. Wagoner, 56, was named president and CEO in 2000, and assumed the role of chairman in 2003. Fritz Henderson, GM president and chief operating officer, will serve as CEO. Henderson, 50,...
The Federal Reserve considers transparency about the goals, conduct, and stance of monetary policy to be fundamental to the effectiveness of monetary policy. The Federal Reserve Act sets forth the goals of monetary policy, specifically "to promote effectively the goals of maximum employment, sta...
A study made by University of Iowa in 2007 concluded that companies servicing mortgages are often negligent when it comes to producing the documentation to support foreclosures. The study of 1700 bankruptcy cases stemming from home foreclosures found that 40% of the time the original mortgage not...
From 2001 - 2003 recession I learned that economic recovery is starting about one to two years before the unemployment numbers get smaller. Since 1854, the US economy has gone through 32 business cycles (recessions and recoveries). In other words, the direction of economic activity eventually cha...
Perception is everything, or almost everything. Perception influences reality of our financial crisis. This article wants to add more to GM reality and to our recession reality.Perception: It is that the GM of 20 years ago is the same GM today -- the same insular corporate culture, opposed to eve...
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GM yesterday submitted a plan to use Federal bridge loans to create a leaner, more competitive company. The plan calls for:   ·              Increased production of fuel-efficient vehicles and energy-saving technologies; ·              Rationalization of brands, models and retail outlets; ·      ...

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