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I posted about this last year also and got alot of response.  This year it is even more important!!!! Last year I decided that I would give my kids a fabulous, NOT MADE IN CHINA Christmas.  How hard can it be to find things they like made in the USA?  Well, it was difficult, not because those ite...
Recently I had to appraise a home that was repossessed.  It was owned by a local realtor that let his son and daughter in law live there.  They were drug addicts and really destroyed the house.  It was filthy, infested and much of their belongings were left, including baby furniture.  When I arri...
Sometimes it is really hard to go into homes that were obviously loved and now lost.  As an appraiser I see the carefully chosen paint and wallpaper, the hard work in renovations, the pink and blue kids rooms.  I know how I love my house, how it is more than just shelter.  Your home is where your...
I know how busy we all are.  I sometimes forget to eat or drink during the day I am so busy.  But, take some time each day to do something to help others.  Even the littles passive things can make you feel good and maybe encourage others.  Here are a few simple ways to do this: 1. Set you home p...
People keep asking me if they should buy now.  They are under the impression that a declining market is a bad time to buy.  But you can get such a good deal on a home.  In many areas around me the values have reversed to 2005 or earlier numbers.  If you are planning to buy I suggest 2 things.  Ma...
For home buyers, the mortgage process can be very difficult.  But many people are working on loans for a purchase or refi when suddenly their loan officer or bank is out of business.  I would suggest researching whoever you go through to make sure you wont be stuck in a lurch.  It has happened to...
I was interested to read the information below. I hope that this group will actually help people in need. As an appraiser I have been in too many foreclosed and abandoned homes recentlymy taste. Pass this along to people in need. A new group called Hope Now is working to speed assistance to troub...
I have been getting alot of really great feedback from this site.  I just want to let other people know, if they are looking to join, this is a great site for a ton of reasons.1. You get a sense of community2. Everyone is so helpful3. There is a plethora of knowledge here4. The points system is f...
I am a real estate appraiser and I have 2 Milford properties I am working on.  Does anyone have info on finding local rentals?  I have a 2 family home with a 1 bedroom and 2 bedroom apartment and a single family home with 2 bedrooms, new.  They are located intown Milford.  Any advice?
I have had my own company for a while now and I never cease to be amazed how many appraiser sites there are out there.  I have spent thousands on advertising and have seen little results from most of them.  I would like to sing the praises of 1 company that costs little but gives tons!! www.appra...

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