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Brad Andersohn posted this blog back in May.  I thought it would be helpful to the Newie members looking to customize their page.  I've found other posts explaining how to do this, but Brad's is the only one that I could follow.  Thank you Brad for providing the how to.Today, Jorgen Hahn announce...
Thanks to our wonderful staff for puting this together for the Newbies out there that still need assistance with their online presence and outside blog page set up.Here's the quickest and easiest 7-step plan to setup and maximize your ActiveRain Outside Blog.  These directions should help you to ...
For all of you that happened to miss this AWESOME blog, please read and see how powerful reblogging can be for all of us. I want to thank Jeff personally for writing this and passing on this great information to all of us out here on ActiveRain to be able to use and pass on to others. Reblogging ...
  Very interesting posting. I also have wondered where our Government has spent the money going out in the stimulus packages. It is good to see that you can track where money has gone in your area which is always a concern on everyone's mind. As to saving jobs with the unemployment rate up to 10%...
Car Sales Puyallup, Washington            My name is Joshua Martin and I am the Executive Chef at Stanley & Seaforts located in Tacoma, Washington. I wanted to share my recent car sales buying adventure with the world since it was my first positive car sales experience ever.I do have prior sales ...

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