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 You don’t need a big yard to enjoy gardening; even a small patio can be transformed into a colorful oasis. Container gardening isn’t quite the same (care of the plants is a bit more challenging for one thing), but a container garden or patio can be just as attractive as those grown in the dirt.Y...
During the 20th century mortgage interest rates were super high, in some cases as much as 20 percent. So paying off a home was understandably a huge deal and homeowners would often celebrate their accomplishment with a party where they were said to burn their mortgage documents. Guests would brin...
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 A home sale isn’t like a garage sale, where sellers and buyers haggle over price. In fact, it is the price of the home that determines whether any particular buyer will even take the time to view it. Price it too high compared to similar homes and few buyers will show up, meaning you won’t have ...
Home maintenance tip: Disinfect your garbage disposal! Great ways to make your garbage disposal clean and happy is:1)  Put some ice cubes in the disposal and run it to sharpen the blades2) Add vinegar and baking soda, let it sit, then pour down some boiling water3) Use frozen, diced oranges and l...
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If you've always wanted to experience your own fairytale, head on over to Charlevoix, Michigan and rent out this amazing mushroom home on AirBnb. The homes were built by Northern Michigan native Earl Young and constructed mainly from stone and boulders from Lake Michigan and Lake Charlevoix, whic...
 There are a lot of different factors that go into the price of your home. Here are the top features that may affect your home's value:1) Trees and landscaping: Luckily this can be fixed by hiring the right landscaper!2) Street names: Believe it or not, if someone doesn't like the street name, it...
Time to celebrate the love we all hold for ourselves and others around us!Happy Valentine’s Day!  🏡For answers to your Real Estate questions call 772-485-4188 Anna ChroscickiREMAX MasterpieceVisit

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