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When dealing with prospects, real estate professionals should have a list of criteria they must meet in order to become a client, taking into consideration the amount of time and effort spent on each transaction. To avoid wasting time and energy, real estate professionals should gauge the buyer o...
10 Tips for Mastering Phone Etiquette     Here are some basic cell phone etiquette rules to keep in mind when interacting with colleagues and customers:    1.  Remember who you're working with. How would you feel if you were having an important conversation with a sales associate, and she broke o...
Smart Starts: Rookie Success Stories  The first couple years in real estate can be tough. These rookies share their success secrets.Taking the leap into the real estate profession can be tough even in the best of times.While each new sales associate approaches the business in a different way and ...
Tips for Home Sellers Competing against Foreclosed Homes and Short Sales        Price the Home Correctly: Home sellers need to price their home according to today's market and not based on the high price that a neighbor might have received a few years ago. Using a combination of an online apprais...
NO ONE REALLY KNOWSHousing has hit bottom, says economist one. Housing will hit bottom this summer, says economist two. Housing won't hit bottom until 2010, says economist three. Some liken housing data to the weather: If you don't like today's statistics, wait until tomorrow. The "facts" will ch...
MARKETINGWhen selling foreclosed properties, I believe that truth in advertising, even if brutal when pointing out flaws, is a success strategy. The unvarnished truth is what sells. Buyers want to just see it the way it is, and if you just give them that, that alone is a draw.
7 Tips to Avoid the Vacant Home Look      Give the house a lived-in look. Get a neighbor or family member to make the house look occupied by   parking a car in the driveway, opening and closing the drapes and taking in any mail.  Groom the yard. Use a lawn service during the summer to keep the gr...
CREDIT SCORESMortgages are slipping through the fingers of potential borrowers because lending rules are getting stricter. Even people with above-average credit may have trouble getting loans, and some borrowers could lose a home under contract if their score slips a point or two between pre-appr...
INNOVATIVE WAYS TO MARKET Homeowners move once every seven years on average, according to NAR, making it important to keep in touch with past clients for repeat business. To do that, some real estate firms use creative techniques. Chicago's Dream Town Realty has become a part of clients' morning ...
IT'S ALL IN THE CONTENT Web content can include Web site copy, blogs, reader comments, service reviews, forums, Tweets, e-mail newsletters, white papers and articles. Content is a valuable marketing tool if it prompts visitors to stay on a Web site longer or inquire about products or services, wh...

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