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When a home owner looks at selling their real estate investment but find that they are upside down in what they owe and what the market in their area will bring for a price they might consider a short sale as an option.  The first questions to ask:  1. Is this a NEED TO SELL vs a WANT TO SELL sit...
The Northeast, which includes my real estate territory North of Boston, Massachusetts, has been covered in snow now for the last 2 months.  When the snow is up to the basketball hoop in front of my house you know it is not a great time to be showing houses!  You can't find them never mind show th...
Wrote a blog the other day and it hit a "high" note in the realtor community.  I hope that this message goes beyond the professionals and reaches those that need the help, here in Massachusetts, and for that matter across the United States!   This is a great country and no one should loose their ...
I have seen so many bank foreclosed properties that were never on the market.  How does this happen?  In the present market, there is really no reason for a home owner not to try to save themselves the travisty of a foreclosure!   More and more banks are putting systems in place to assist their h...

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