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Discussions about home staging do's and dont's, problem-solving, and helping sellers move their homes quickly!
Staging makes your house stand out from the competition, creates an emotional pull on buyers, helps eliminate objections that lead to low-ball offers, helps your home sell more quickly, and can prevent price reductions. EVERY property benefits from staging, and for those who prefer to do-it-yours...
I firmly believe EVERY property benefits from staging, and for those who prefer to do-it-yourself and save money, or get a jump-start on the work that needs to be done BEFORE hiring a stager, here are some easy things you can do on your own (although bringing in a friend with good design sense a...
A Plea to Home Sellers: PLEASE be willing to paint and take down wallpaper if your agent or stager recommends it. Why? Bad paint colors (or a bad paint job) can turn off buyers and slow down the sale of your home. They can even reduce the price you get for your home. Have you ever walked into a r...
What a nicely staged home, EXCEPT for the cat walking on the kitchen countertops! Now, how did the photographer miss that?! Don't get me wrong, I love cats, but a lot of people don't, and even if they do, the thought of cat paw prints and cat hair floating around a kitchen isn't exactly the appet...
Barking dogs are definitely NOT a seller's best friend -- neither are hissing cats, noisy birds, or -- yikes -- snakes and lizards. At best, they are a distraction to buyers; at worst a deterrent to buyers even making it through a house tour. As the mother of two boys who love animals, I'm used t...
As a home stager, I see houses all the time that don't present well -- until I'm done with them :>) Here are 5 things you can do -- beyond cleaning and de-cluttering -- to eliminate buyer objections and get them to love your home: 1) Move out all excess pieces of furniture to make spaces look lar...
One of the more, ahem, interesting aspects of my job as a home stager is dealing with animal heads on walls, religious paintings or statuary, avocado appliances, outdated wallpaper, stained or very outdated carpeting.  I hit the jackpot with my very first client six months ago when I walked throu...
I talked to a prospect today who told me that her agent brought over another agent to give input on why her house isn't getting offers. Both of these agents are top agents in our area, but the client's agent is warm and sweet. The agent who was brought over to give her opinion was rude, brusque, ...
According to Barb Schwarz, founder of, an on-line article recently appeared stating misconceptions about what stagers do and don't do. The article stated that stagers purposefully cover up problems in homes for sale. According to Schwarz, "the article further described how agents ...

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