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Discussions about home staging do's and dont's, problem-solving, and helping sellers move their homes quickly!
The answer is . . . it depends. On what kind of shape the fixtures and cabinets are in, on whether they can be "spruced up" by glazing (as in a bathtub) or painting (cabinets) and swapping out new hardware for old or new faucets for old. Most buyers really want and will pay more for granite or ma...
Overcoming objections is just part of the job when we're self-employed.  Here are some of the objections I've come across in my short time as a stager (9 months), and what I've learned to say to overcome them: 1. "I want you to stage my home, but I can't spend much money, afford your price, etc."...
Here are 2 more examples of unflattering photos I stumbled across on the MLS -- and sadly, most of the photos I see on-line don't do their houses justice -- that clearly would benefit from simple staging: Lose the balloons, the little doo-dads above the cabinets, all the photos on the fridge, the...
  Make sure it presents well. Is it de-cluttered? Are personal items such as family photos, plaques, trophies, collections, toiletries removed? Are your closets overflowing? Are shoes or worse, laundry, spilling all over the floor? Is there too much furniture in each room, and does furniture bloc...
The other day I had a staging consult in my town. As I was getting out of my car with my portfolio, bag full of color samples, measuring tape, forms, laptop, etc. a GIANT rottweiler came running at me from the house next door.  Frankly, I was terrified. I'm a dog lover -- of friendly dogs, that i...
I recently staged this high-rise co-op apartment in Fort Lee, NJ. It was an estate sale and we needed to work with existing furniture to keep costs low. I brought in about 50 accessories for this large one-bedroom to update the apartment . . . here are some of the results.  
Is it ever a good idea to advertise a home as being staged? Do any agents or stagers post signs on the lawns of staged homes stating that it IS a staged home? And if so, does that attract true buyers or are they more curiousity-seekers interested in interior design? I hesitate to use any advertis...
The payback for doing "favors" for your clients is big, in my opinion. I love helping people and giving advice; yes, I suppose there are limits to how many times I will drive to a client's house because they want me to check on purchases they've made on their own for staging, or colors they picke...
A staging client sent me some photos of an MLS listing she came across while searching for a new home in two upscale towns in my neck of the woods -- northern NJ. Her reaction? "I can't believe someone actually chose this furniture! Isn't it awful?" I have to agree. At the risk of offending anyon...

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