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A blog describing the ever-so-glamorous-life of today' s real estate agent.
Being a real estate agent can be a tough choice for a career but it can also be a great choice. Here are my personal top 7 reasons why this career ROCKS!         1) I am in control.                                                                              This may not always feel like the case...
                               Eat the frog!                         One of the things that helps me during my day as a real estate professional is a little practice I heard about and then later read about. It is called "eating the frog." For those of you who are not lovers-of-all- things-slimy p...
When I first started in this career my good friend and previous coworker Josh Landers gave me some great advice that I try to remember every day - "Amy, just don't get on the elevator." Now what Josh meant by not getting on the "elevator" was don't do the up and down emotional highs and lows that...
It's that time of year when everyone that loves Halloween is in pursuit of the perfect pumpkin. Every year my family piles into the car and goes to my favorite pumpkin picking spot -Rock Creek Farm located in the City of Broomfield Colorado. Rock Creek farm has gorgeous pumpkins and is situated o...
Dog Daze at the Broomfield Bay Have you noticed the ever-so-popular trend that keeps growing over the past several years?  Pet marketing! Yes, folks we've all seen it in one form or another and I am a big fan since my Boxer dog, Scout, is one of my favorite people I mean things in this whole-wide...
Hi Everyone! I thought I'd post this here since I thought it was a pretty unique product. Yesterday, I was out shopping for some new Halloween decorations for my home and I came across these  - Halloween Realty Signs. I thought these were perfect to put in my front yard along with my other decora...
Hello there fellow Active Rain agents. My name is Amy Ballain and I am an agent with Keller Williams in Broomfield Colorado. I have been lurking here on this totally cool site for about 6 months or so and just ended up officially joining tonight. The last several days, weeks, and months of recess...

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A blog describing the ever-so-glamorous-life of today' s real estate agent.