If Your Mortgage Lender Goes Under                                                                       Based on CNN report more mortgage companies are closing down. If your mortgage lender files for a chapter 11 bankruptcy these are some steps to take                                            ...
  Buying a house with an FHA loan   Today is a great day to buy a home with rates as low as 3.75% for a 30 year fixed mortgage. It can seem complicated but let’s simplify it with an example.   We are going to purchase this lovely home for $350,000, because I want the lowest down payment for a hom...
Tax Lien Removed from Credit Report IRS has announced a new policy that will significantly reduce the number of tax liens on properties owned by delinquent taxpayers. The IRS has raised the minimum amount of tax debts that prompts the filing of a tax lien from $5000 to $10000, and for those owing...
I cant emphasive it enough how its the best time to purchase a home. Rates have never been so low and in a few weeks we will be offering a down payment assistance gift. If the homebuyer qualifies we will be able to gift them 3% towards their downpayment. Which means only .5% down!! for a 300,000 ...

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