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  There are thousands of available homes for sale: retail homes, bank forclosures and “short sales” (the lender is willing to accept less than the amount the seller owes).  It seems like short sale properties would be the answer for the many owner-occupant buyers who are looking for a home at a g...
Dear Home Seller, I see that you're trying to "short-sale" your home.  Since your lender will be accepting less than you owe them, don't you think it's fair that you provide a clean, tidy product for prospective buyers to view?  After all, it's you who isn't paying what you owe on the home you pu...
Do you attend networking functions?  I do.  It's the best way to make new contacts.  Do you find that networking is helping your business? Ultimately, our goals are the same, regardless of what type of work we do. We attend networking events to meet new people, to learn from them, to seek empower...
by Alyse Sands, Broker, GRI, ePRO Recently I visited a home for a couple who were about to get married. They wanted to sell a house that he's owned for 15 years. I walked through the home with them as I always do, to point out anything needing attention and to suggest things that could be done to...
by Alyse Sands Now that the tax credit and the flood are behind us, Nashvillians must forge ahead!   If you think that this means another hit to the Nashville Real Estate market, you're mistaken!  NOW is the time we move upward!  Don't stop dreaming and working towards your goals because you "hea...
Should I Sell My Home Before Finding a New Home? There are exceptions to every point but the answer is usually yes. Imagine that you must sell your home. You spend the time to get it ready to sell and then your agent puts it on the market. There are showings but no offers yet. You want to move an...
New federal rules were implemented to give lenders financial incentives to expedite and streamline the short sale process.  This doesn't come without a catch, though. Alyse Sands, Broker, GRI, ePRO, Real Estate Expert
If you aren't familiar with the definitions of "Agency", this may not be clearly understood by those who aren't involved in the Real Estate business. I just received a call from a buyer about one of my listings.  He wanted me to come show it to him.  I would, of course, but then I asked him if he...
A contract is a contract, regardless of the contingency, right?  Why are buyers shying away from buying short sale properties now?  They or their agents are afraid they won't be under contract if they don't have a response from the lender by 4/30/10 so they can get their tax credits.  We write co...
Fannie Mae is trying to make it easier for homeowners to buy again if they would hand their keys over for a short sale instead of waiting for the home to go into foreclosure.  

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