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I'm sure you've heard this phrase before:  "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink." Your websites, blogs and email campaigns are tools you use every day to encourage potential clients to engage with you.  It's true, you can't make them call you but you certainly have every ...
In the past couple of weeks I have received some great emails and calls from many of my Activerain friends family members wondering where I was and what I was doing.  Some even suggested posting an alert since I'd gone missing. Hello everyone.  Sorry I went missing for awhile (hope I'm forgiven?)...
If your inbox looks anything like mine, crowded with emails from all sorts of websites, clients, groups and networks, all vying for your attention, how do you possibly decide which ones to read and where do you find the time to sort through them all.  The same goes for your clients and prospects...
Holding some dice in your hand, thinking about the numbers you want to get, throw them out and see what numbers come up.  Did the numbers you were thinking of come up? Life is unpredictable and just like we can't always predict the exact numbers that will come up when we throw the dice; we can't...
I think that no matter what position you hold - a real estate agent, broker, consultant, stager, etc. you are ultimately a coach to someone.   The meaning of coach (verb) is to train; to teach; to instruct; to guide; to counsel. Real Estate Agents coach someone selling their home through the com...
This post is dedicated to the kid in all of us.  Not only do I hope it will get you to reflect on some of your "great" childhood memories (who couldn't use a good thought right about now?) but that it also gets you thinking about how we all need to take chances, risks and dive right into life. Su...
Over the last few days I visited with my parents in Boston.  As many of my friends here know my dad was recently diagnosed with cancer and will have a long and tough battle to fight.  During my visit I watched my dad, a man of great determination, faith and fight in him, realize that his life wa...
We form relationships for many reasons - some a common interest is shared others we share a common purpose.  I think relationships can be compared to the foundation of a home - their strength comes how the structure is set on the ground from the very beginning. I think we can all agree and relat...
Have you ever had this said to you? "All you ever do is work."  I think many of us at some point or another has heard that phrase from the people in our lives, but I'd like to say that I'm not suggesting we shortchange our work life in order to have a personal life.  I believe that work is a par...
I don't know about your mom, but I think my mom has special physic powers.  She always seems to know, even knowing she lives in Boston and I live in PA, just when I need a phone call.  Often these phone calls involve her giving me the simple gift of listening and other times she is giving me som...

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A “Marketing” Virtual Assistant that will partner with you to increase your online and offline marketing. This blog is where I will share everything from helpful marketing, branding, time management tips and solutions to tons of advice, motivation and inspiration so that you are working smarter - not harder! I look forward to getting to know you and your business more.

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