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I speak to you as not only someone that assists clients with their marketing efforts but as someone that was once a consumer - buying and selling my home and I'm going to tell it to you straight...    "your customers are checking to see if those things you promised in your prelisting appointment...
What is the purpose of a business - your business? Some think it's to make a profit (a good thing, yes) but that's not the only or best way to look at it in my opinion.  The true purpose is to create and keep your customers - the profits are the natural result of creating and keeping those custo...
  I consider myself a very creative person and that creativity is often inspired by many people and experiences.  I am  always trying to find new ways to channel that creativity. One way I share my creativity is in the kitchen.  I have a true passion for cooking - creating eye and taste-bud plea...
  Disney knows that the attitude their employees portray has a direct impact on the success of their business.   If you've ever visited Disney, I think it would be hard to find someone that is not happy and pleasant to deal with - they simply don't hire people that can't commit to being that way...
  My answer is no, sorta.  I think children have some amazing traits and "positive selling skills" that we can all use when it comes to marketing and selling to our clients, but it's how we use them that will make us successful.   Lets take a moment and think about a Child and how they approach l...
  I've read a few blogs this week in which people have expressed they were leaving real estate or their business many due to the tough economic times.  Sadly, their need to leave and move onto something else had nothing to do with not having a true passion for their business, which is why I'm su...
Before my blog post starts I want to apologize - I pride myself on posting blogs that are visually appealing and help the story but for some reason I'm having lots of issues with uploading photos into AR.  Despite that I wanted to post this blog because it's been a crazy day and it seemed like su...
When it comes to Social Media you have your Followers (Twitter), your Fans or Friends (Facebook), your Connections (LinkedIn) or your Subscribers (Activerain or other blogging network.)  With all the many ways we have available to interact with people, I started thinking about  what are my goals...
From the time we were young we were often taught and developed an innate sense of wanting to help others.  Maybe we helped a friend who fell down on the playground by offering them a hand and as we got older we found ourselves doing good deeds for people we didn't even know but obviously needed ...
What could I possibly be talking about? There are many words you could use to describe it - clutter, junk, odds and ends, disorder, chaos, confusion, and mess. Perhaps you experience the same - there is just never enough time to sort through the many rooms in our homes to remove the clutter that...

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A “Marketing” Virtual Assistant that will partner with you to increase your online and offline marketing. This blog is where I will share everything from helpful marketing, branding, time management tips and solutions to tons of advice, motivation and inspiration so that you are working smarter - not harder! I look forward to getting to know you and your business more.

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