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You’ve heard the saying “Just give it to me in a nutshell.”  So many of us have a limited amount of time for working and knowing all that's going on with our associates, clients and friends. So here’s a way to catch up and find ways to engage with your connections on some of your favorite social ...
Ever think of showing up to your next client appointment in your birthday suit?   I don’t mean this literally, although it would make for some interesting reading.  I’m talking about showing your clients and potential clients who you really are –human, vulnerable and worthy of their trust.   Sur...
Connecting to your local community gives you something very important...visibility. As a business owner you know the importance of keeping your prospective customers and clients informed about your organization's activities easily and consistently. I love looking at community calendars especially...
What does doing a good job and giving your best really mean anyways? I think so many of us have learned from and been inspired by someone - whether a parent, colleague or mentor - "to always give our best." Here's an example for you to understand where I'm going with this: You have a builder layi...
With so many tools, websites and vehicles available to us to extend our reach and communicate with the general public, I think too often we forget about one of our most valuable resources - our past clients - when it comes to growing our business.  They are one of our greatest resources for new b...
Lisa Udy asked in her blog post entitled The Power of Active Rain Contest that we put together a blog post to share the benefits and the Power of Active Rain.   It's funny because I didn't have to think long or hard on this oneat all and have been in the process of sharing this post with all of y...
So many of us have Marketing Plans but are we effectively measuring the results and using that data to further grow our business and opportunities? This picture illustrates what a solid marketing plan should involve: Knowing which specific areas of your marketing strategies are working will witho...
Think about the energy it takes to fret, complain and worry about problems. Have you ever encountered someone that complained about everything under the sun?  Did you purposely seek them out to have another conversation or interaction with them?  Probably not - you probably thought "what a downer...
  If you've ever watched The Grinch you might remember the valuable lesson he learned in realizing that the most precious gift you can give doesn't come from a store: He stood puzzling and puzzling.  How could it be so?  It came without ribbons.  It came without tags.  And he puzzled and puzzled...
I like simple and easy ways to connect with consumers and they're all around us from blogging to social networking sites. If you go to any one of my blogs or sites you will notice a consistent message that I try remind you of: "If it's not evident to you by now, consumers are very knowledgeable a...

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A “Marketing” Virtual Assistant that will partner with you to increase your online and offline marketing. This blog is where I will share everything from helpful marketing, branding, time management tips and solutions to tons of advice, motivation and inspiration so that you are working smarter - not harder! I look forward to getting to know you and your business more.

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