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  Each person's greatness is beyond what they can imagine and we often are blind to our value.   Think of Muhammed Ali's saying "I am the greatest."   There are many days we are simply at war with ourselves.  We pick ourselves (and others) apart and we fail to see the positives in ourselves (and...
Yesterday I shared with everyone some tips about where to find your next client and loved all the great responses that I received.  Thanks to all who contributed. Today I decided to do something different and just get people thinking and hopefully responding to their experiences on how they hand...
This is Part 1 in a series that will focus on strategies to find home buyers and attract more sellers.  Now I know many of you know these things and are doing them already but just thought I would remind us all of the tools we already have available to us.  Reminders are good right? By now you m...
  Are you moving things in your life in a positive direction? We are constantly transforming things in our lives and are surrounded by transformation whether we are fully aware of it or not. So before get into some things you can do to transform your life and career lets just look at some exampl...
Can you identify with a hoe?  Now before you get up in arms realize I'm talking about the tool you use in your garden!  The hoe has long been symbolic of work.  We all need to work.  Some of our jobs pay very well in terms of money and some pay nothing (so to speak) like the job of a mother.  Fo...
If you haven't had Monkey Munch you are missing out!  So let me first tell you something first before I get into what Monkey Munch is. My daughter and I are addicted to Jon and Kate plus 8 (For me-  it's almost the same as my addition to AR - sometimes I'm even watching the show and then bloggin...
  In a market that is difficult and dare I say challenging and where people are struggling economically, physically and emotionally, I find myself reflecting back to September 11th.  A day that will be marked as one of the worst days in our history.  And although we experience tough days and tim...
Your Bucks County Source of Weekend Events and Things to Do (9/11 - 9/14)  Whether you are from Bucks County or just visiting be sure to check out some of these great events and places. For my local readers: If you know of an event or are hosting an event for this week that you would like to sha...
Are you providing your clients and potential clients with the real you?  Are you giving them a positive person to work with? My advice for Realtors®: Don't give up and have yourself feeling defeated despite the challenges in today's market.  Have a positive attitude, goals and continue working t...
We all know that the price of gas has increased significantly and filling up at the gas pump can be quite painful. If you're like me, you try to find ways to consolidate your errands so that you're not all over the place wasting gas.   Why not visit: to find cheap gas prices...

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A “Marketing” Virtual Assistant that will partner with you to increase your online and offline marketing. This blog is where I will share everything from helpful marketing, branding, time management tips and solutions to tons of advice, motivation and inspiration so that you are working smarter - not harder! I look forward to getting to know you and your business more.

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