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Infrared photo of home heat loss Whether it's summer or winter, energy moves through the walls, roof and cracks of your home. Either the cold air conditioned air is lost to the outside or the cold winter air is finding its way into your home. Where does a home lose heat energy? Well you can gene...
Well I have a gas card and use it every time I fill up. Today while at Costco buying some things I saw a little sign that said 3% of you gas purchases. Now I have a Costco card for my business and we use it for the family budget as well. So I had to know what this was about. What I found out is t...
While blogging I sometimes do web searches for things that help educate me in my business and now that I am about to begin my training for thermal imaging home energy has jumped to the top of my list of things to learn. So while doing my normal search for interesting facts I came across this info...
I am excited this week. I will be leaving for Atlanta on Friday morning for 2 days of intensive training for IR or Infrared Thermal imaging training. Once that is complete and I pass the test ( Hopefully :) ) I will be making arrangements to get an Infrared imaging camera. The I will be able to o...
Below is a link for an on-line energy audit of your home. If you fill it out with no address it will still work and you will not be spammed. Best of all it will calculate what upgrades you can do to improve your energy efficiency and it is free. I hope this helps some of you as much as it did me....
There are many Home Inspection organizations out there now days. I will not critique any of them suffice it to say that when I first got into this business one of the things I tried to do was to look at all of them and compare them. Just due diligence on my part that I felt I needed to do to be a...
I was surfing the web and chatting with some fellow inspectors when I came across this in a group I belong to. It is interesting to say the least and I just thought I would share it here.  
As many of you might know, the east coast is getting blasted with some pretty high temperatures right now. We all know that it is important to drink plenty of fluids when it is hot out, but sometimes we often forget until it is too late. Our jobs put us in situations when we can easily become deh...
Well just thought I would share this bit of good news with everyone. I have been elected vice president of the local South Carolina Upsate Chapter of InterNACHI. I am both excited about the opportunity and a bit overwhemled. I hope that I can live up to the previous V.P.'s standards and will do m...
Well I have submitted my name change for my business and I hope it gets approved by the state licensing commision. I got some negative feedback about the name and afte listening to it I realized they were right it could have cost me some business. So let me explain the original name.   A MAJOR H....

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