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This inaugural event took place on October 13,2010 and was a great success! Robert Machado, CPM® MPM® RMP®, selected a local charity, Creative Living Options, a non-profit agency that provides supported living services for adults managing developmental disabilities in Sacramento, Yolo and Placer...
Forget Godzilla the problem is much bigger …or is it smaller? New York City has been attacked by tiny, and mostly annoying, bed bugs.  The Bedbug Disclosure Act passed on August 30, 2010 demanding landlords inform tenants of previous bed bug infestations. This will include a one year history. Rec...
The city of New York enacted a local law effective as of July 2, 2010. This is a two part law the first being the disclosure and the second posting a sign. 1. DISCLOSURE Law applies to owners or agents who request lease application information (tenant screening reports). Application must disclose...
With the tax credit expiration, May 2010 homes sales declined to record lows. reported sales in the west decreased 50%. The northwest declined by a third. The South and Midwest by 25%. I do not think the housing market can fully recover until the unemployed rates decline. Alexandra M...
  Fannie Mae will not allow new mortgages for 7 years for those that have walked away from their payments and did not try to work it out with their servers and were able to make payment.   What are some thoughts on this?             Alexandra Machado HomePointe Property Management
Google voice is free (except for international calls-which are very inexpensive). The system allows you to send voicemails transcribed from your text, free text messages, screen calls, answer from your mobile or landline, integrates from your phones existing address book, have different greeting ...
  Every month I go over my arrears report to track down tenants that have not paid. Rent is due on the 3rd (as per my lease).  On the 4th of the month I draft my 3 day demand notices and deliver them to tenants that are outstanding.  Some tenants will pay immediately, others call and begin their ...
I am always looking for new ways to save money. Many schools and business including Microsoft Corp. are switching the font when they print. Fonts like Century Gothic and Times New Roman use 30% less ink than Arial. Making this simple switch can lead to roughly one less ink cartridge you buy a yea...
New federal Environmental Protections Agency (EPA) rule is slated for April 22, 2010.Any work that disturbs paint surface on structures build prior to 1978 will now need to be in compliance with the new EPA lead based paint rule. Regulations included new training requirements, notifications/disc...
"don't let the bed bugs bit" used to be a sweet saying while putting children to bed. I currently manage an apartment where a tenant brought in a mattress that had bed bugs also known as “Cimex lectularius”.  Always inspect adjoining rooms or apartments.  As property managers for the owner we hav...

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