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This week’s title is a bit misleading just like those ads trying to convince you to sign up for a class to show you how to do it.  Someone thought to monetize a way for you to save on taxes by comparing your tax situation to the likes of Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk.  The stink is in the details.  Le...
I love social media.  There are so many quasi-tax “gurus” out there that spur phone calls to my office.  The latest question spurred by the “gurus” is should my business select S-Corp tax status.  While the S-Corp election has its benefits, whether your business should select this status has a lo...
One of the joys of being self-employed is becoming responsible for self-employment taxes.  Okay, clearly that was a joke.  No one is thrilled to pay taxes especially when it is an automatic 15.3% your net earnings.  Many clients are shocked the first profitable year in business to have the greate...
If you are like many Americans, you were surprised to find out you owed taxes.  Considering 51 percent of Americans have less than three months’ worth of savings, owing the IRS can really be a burden.  So, what can you expect when you owe the IRS?  For starters, unlike other bill collectors, the ...
Mr. and Mrs. AL Tax married last year.  Mr. AL Tax has a student loan which he has not been making payments.  Mr. AL Tax owes $30,000 in unpaid student loans.  This is the first year for the couple to file taxes and they chose to file married filing jointly.  Their completed tax return resulted i...
One of the most common questions asked this year from my self-employed clients was “Lequita, how can I reduce my tax bill?”  The answer was the same for most of the clients.  “There are some deductions we are not taking that we should consider for next filing season.  What most of the clients wer...

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