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My $.02 on things, to be taken at face value. Will you always agree with me? Probably not, but that is what makes all of this so much fun!
Funny, we don't realize how much we need something until we are without it...!  I admit it, I love my computer and the internet...I can't imagine doing an appraisal report the "old" way. Pasting in photos, using rub on arrows, eek, typing on a typewriter..oh, and let's not forget printing copies ...
I recently watched "Miss Congeniality" the comedy about the FBI agent undercover in the beauty pagent.  All of the contestants "wished for world peace" in the interview portion.  Sandra Bullock, the agent, sort of made fun of that line until the end.As I was listening to the news today and heard ...
I am blessed with a daughter-in-law who is wonderful and a friend as well.  Every year we have what we call our "annual cookie-thon" for the holidays.  Michelle, her friend Cheryl and I take a Sunday and make cookies, fudge and more.  Usually we make 4 or 5 different things each and then we split...
It seems each year during the holidays we hear some tragic story about home fires caused by Christmas trees or some other cause.  I was saying a small prayer that this year would be different.  It started me to think about the number of houses I appraise that have unsafe security bars.Those are t...
I would like to introduce Abel Molina to this great Active Rain community!  Abel is co-owner of Su Familia Real Estate and Homes Loans in Los Banos, CA.I've been providing appraisal services to Abel's company for some time now and I find him to be a great customer and friend.   Welcome, Abel!!
There is this appraisal area that creates confusion and sometimes hard feelings for your home owner.  Please know that I try to keep the peace as much as possible.  I do my best to explain and keep the home owner happy.  I am speaking about just who I can talk to about the value of the home I am ...
The other day I was talking to another real estate appraiser here in San Jose -- well, okay, I was whining about the slow down in business.  The fellow appraiser is experiencing the same thing and our conversation turned to ways to market our services.We touched on mailing flyers, websites and li...
Last night was Halloween....supposed to be a fun night for the children and for the parents if you enjoy seeing the little ghosts and goblins and fairys and princesses -- oh, and lets not forget the power rangers, spiderman, wonderwoman and power rangers! Our light was on, jack-o-lanterns were li...
As an appraiser I have a job to do!  It appears as though many in the mortgage and real estate industries forget that my job is to bring the message whether it is good or bad (translate that into under value or at value or above).   With the information that I provide a lending decision is made -...
This is not as easy as I thought it would be :) but here goes.I am a relatively new appraiser, not quite 4 years yet.  Prior to that I owned a mail order business supplyingincentives to the direct sales industry -- but that was another life.  After twenty years of that I decided itwas time for a ...

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