This is my first journal-like blog and really hope others will enjoy. Its now a little past 1:30am & here I am watching this weeks unwatched tivo and like usual finishing up leftover work. This week went by like lighting. It has been full of good, bad and exremely exciting events. My business is ...
okay. I have finally decided to get into the REO market. Hope I havent missed that boat. I have been really busy working with several buyers and getting my own listings sold that I have not as of yet begun to prospect banks for REO business. After showing many of my buyers REO homes and rarely ge...
Okay. I avoided it as long as I could for too many reasons, but I am finally ready to jump into listing REO's. I have quite a few buyers that I am currently working with and getting them into escrow has been very time consuming, especially for as they say a "buyers market".  It seems that the bes...
I have been so busy that i have to vent. I don't have any friends who have gone through or are going through what i feel has been a huge battle of the modern day women i feel i am. I am truly dedicated in my career and my family. If i had to pick one it would be my family no doubt about it. Howev...

Alicia Mayoral Mercado

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