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People ask me all the time where I find this stuff... and I just don't know.  Sometimes this stuff just lands right in my lap.  It drops right out of the sky and plops right into my lap.< And I'm a huge Wizard of Oz fan, so a little icing on the cake.  But this homecoming routine is just delightf...
In CE classes today, we were discussing service animals and the like.  Well, it turns out that in 2020, HUD released a document for those who are interested to use as a reference as to the type of service animals that should/could be allowed as service animals.It gives you guidelines to use as la...
Allright... I didn't know this version was out there, and now I can't get this version out of my head.  There's just something a little more "wholesome" about it... yeah?allright, maybe wholesome isn't the right word, but you know what I mean, right? But I'd feel a little less awful about hearing...
 Rather than go through AR's graphic upload (which I think we'll all agree is clumsy and cumbersome).. I merely dragged and dropped these graphics.  Let's see if they work.             
Ladies and Gentlemen, the people who make these kind of decisions also breed.  Well, assuming they survive, I suppose.It's bad enough that someone has jury-rigged a shower immediately next to a circuit panel.... (or is it a circuit-panel next to a shower?) but then there is that extra open outlet...
An enjoyable moment or six with our local Evanston Police Department sharing their lip-syncing talent with us.Finally, a good use of tax-payer dollars.  (I'm just funnin'... I love and respect our Evanston P.D., and think it's find for them to blow off a little steam now and then.  they have  a t...
For those trick-or-treaters with special dietary needs, putting a teal pumpkin on the porch of your house around Halloween (or the sign shown below in your window) is an indication that your home has non-food treats available (such as glow-sticks or some small toys).This way, children with food a...
I don't often gasp while reading a news article, but I did with this one.  Apparently a woman was sexually assaulted on a subway train outside of Philadelphia.  Horrible, right?  But not surprising in today's world.What astonished me was that this occurred over a period of 27 stops on the subway....
 Try as you might, I'm sure you weren't able to avoid seeing the fact that Jeff Bezos sent Captain James Tiberias Kirk (William Shatner, in a different life) up into space.It was highlighted on just about every news format (broadcast news, online news, text, email, voicemail, Faceplant, pony expr...
Okay.  As much as I enjoy both sides of this tune that Puddles performs, this one is weird, weird and also weird.What's weird, you might ask about a giant clown singing the song from a three-hour-tour with the music from the staircase to the sky?  I dunno, you tell me.It seems to be the mash-up f...


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