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I'm hearing about a strange new phenomenon that is reaching for our shores... er... well, not really our shores, but at least our area.  That is northern Illinois.I've just started hearing about transactions falling apart because buyers are unable to obtain insurance for the property because the ...
There's a lot of nonsense out there being published about the recent NAR settlement.  You've all seen it, it's on major outlets and it's embarrassing. Very little of it is accurate.  Wall St. Journal, NBC, ABC, CNN, and more... they're all getting it wrong, or even partially wrong... it's sad.Her...
I had just finished my typical morning routine.  Sitting in my chair, with my laptop.  Boob tube on, watching what world events had unfurled overnight to menace the general populace, while I perused Active Rain to see what interesting posts had been written, what questions had been asked and resp...
While perusing one of those online Realtor groups today I came across a conversation about home inspections.  The agent proffered that she had recently attended a Keller-Williams sponsored workshop that strongly recommended that buyer's agents should not attend the home inspection with their buye...
I'm a sucker for the classics, and this is a classic.  But not sung by one of those that you'd think of when thinking of those classical singers.This is the great singer Lea Salonga who's well known in the Phillipines, and she does a remarkable job with this favourite of mine.  There are others, ...
Today's post is an effort to dig a little deeper into the proposed NAR settlement.  I know, for many out there, all that they've done is to read the NAR announcement (and for some, they haven't even done that).  I've just gotten through reading through the text of the 108 page settlement itself. ...
Unless you've been renting a basement room in an apartment that is buried 20 stories deep beneath some rock underneath Gibraltar, you are well aware that the National Association of Realtors® has reached a settlement regarding all of those lawsuits surrounding seller's complaints about buyer's-si...
The National Association of Realtors has reached a settlement with all of these commission-based, and their copy-cat lawsuits across the country.  The basics of the proposed settlement are as follows: Release of liability: The agreement would release NAR, over one million NAR members, all state/t...
That's Pizza Pie Day, to you!  yeah, I'm talking to you!Now, I'm a Chicago boy.  Well, it's been a few years since I've been considered a boy, I'm really a Chicago man.  Well, my ex-wife says that I'm can't even be considered... uh.... you know, let's not get into that... I live in the Windy City...
I ran across this while playing on Facebook (the only thing that Facebook is really good for these days... 'playing'). An indie band in Kiev Ukraine, back in 2010 before Ukraine became a battlefield, found a vintage grand piano and decided to bring it back to life.But not just to restore it norma...

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