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Utah Infrared Home and Building Inspections, Utah Equine Thermography, Utah Commercial Property Inspections, Utah Mold Testing, Utah Meth Testing, Utah Radon Testing.
Salt Lake City News(KSL) Explaining The Need For Radon Testing   Last night while watching the news, I heard one of the headline stories discussing the need for Radon Testing in Utah. Radon Testing should be taken seriously in Utah considering Radon is the 2nd leading cause of Lung Cancer. Many h...
Non-grounded Electrical Receptacles are detected during most Utah Home Inspections The top three things I find during Utah Home Inspections are non-grounded recepptacles, gutter and gutter downspount defecencies, and a negative slope of the landscaping causing water to rest against the foundation...
South Ogden Utah Commercial Building Block Wall Inspections   These are examples of defective commercial block walls detected by an Infrared Camera Block walls should be filled with grout for structural integrity or foam build for insulation. Commercial block walls have certain requirements for t...
Utah Infrared Inspection of SnowBasin Ski Resorts Heated Sidewalks Within about 20 minutes, all of the heated walkways, sidewalks, outdoor dining areas, and other heated floor areas at SnowBasin Ski Resort could be verified as having no defects, dead-spots, or leaks. By use of an Infrared Camera,...
Ogden Utah Hot Springs Infrared Re-inspection NOTICE THE 110.6 DEGREES IN THE BOTTOM RIGHT Back in August I stopped by our local hot springs located in the Ogden Canyon to take a few infrared images. I was surprised to see that many of the hot springs were reading 130+ degree temperatures with th...
Air Sampling for Utah Mold Inspections I often tell Utah home owners they don't need to hire me to tell them they have mold. Every single house in Utah has mold. We eat mold in our cereal and on our burgers and for the most part it's harmless. If your wanting to know if you have mold than you can...
I don't know weather to believe my $16k Infrared Camera or my friend. I'm hearing one thing, but my Infrared Camera is showing me another, haha. In the Infrared home and building Inspection industry I've learned that my Infrared Camera always shows and tells the truth.
While attending FLIR's Infrared Training Conference in Las Vegas, I was able to capture quite a few Casino Thermal Images. I can't think of a better thing for a town than to host an Infrared Training Conference. With several thousand Infrared Thermographers from all over the world, there were few...
FLIR Infrared Training Conference in Vegas Was Quite a Success Infrared Technology and Infrared Inspection techniques are constantly changing and therefore the need for continued education is a must. FLIR's InfraMation Conference is the worlds largest Infrared Conference and by attending we can e...
SnowBasin had quite a turnout for Turkey and Skiing this Thanksgiving. Early morning(9am) the lines to the lift were as long as I have ever seen them. The Turkey feast was served an then people started dropping like flys(heading home). The long absence from skiing combined with a big feast proved...

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Utah Infrared Home Inspections, Utah Building Inspections, Utah Equine Thermography, Utah Commercial Property Inspections, Utah Mold Testing, Utah Meth Testing, Utah Radon Testing.