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Utah Infrared Home and Building Inspections, Utah Equine Thermography, Utah Commercial Property Inspections, Utah Mold Testing, Utah Meth Testing, Utah Radon Testing.
Utah Infrared and United Infrared Perform Equine Thermography on The Arabian Nights Show Horses Yesterday was quite an eventful day for us at Utah Infrared. Utah Infrared recently joined up with United Infrared to assure we continue to provide Utah with the best Infrared(Thermal Imaging) Services...
Utah Infrared Brings Equine Thermography to Utah   Infrared Technology Allows us To Tell You What Your Horse is Trying To Images by United Infrared Inc. Many Utah citizens come in the form of four legs a big head and a long tail. To the average individual these citizens appear to be nothing more ...
About every 4 years I start getting the urge to trade my wheels in and every 4 years I'm sorta amazed by the evolution of our vehicles. The coolest thing about my 2008 Ford Escape is the auxiliary stereo jack and the self activated 4 wheel drive. The vehicle my parents recently purchased was almo...
Plumbing Defects pin-pointed during Layton Utah Infrared Home Inspection While doing a home inspection in Layton Utah last week, I couldn't seem to get the living room to warm up to a comfortable temperature. The home was heated by a circulating radiant heat system with grills in each room. It wa...
The Demand for Infrared Home Inspections Continue to Grow Among Utah Home Buyers Utah Infrared home inspections continue to solve problems, save money, uncover hidden defects, and give home buyers confidence in their investment decisions. Without a doubt, Infrared Home Inspections have proven to ...
Just after Thanksgiving every year, the town of Ogden, Utah puts on it's Christmas lights. This year may have been one of the best years yet. Unfortunately I didn't have enough time to capture the entire decorated area. For those of you who couldn't make it, here are a few pics.                  
Important Information About Utah Window Inspections and Testing Did you know that 20% of the brand-new windows leaving the factory everyday are defective? That's an unbvelieveably high number of defects to be placed on any new product! Utah homes definitely have some of the most scenic and amazin...
Meridian Mississippi Now Has an Infrared Inspector Providing Infrared Home and Building Inspections   Infrared Technology used during a home or building inspection offers the most advanced, in-depth, and informative inspection available. Mississippi home buyers are quickly catching on to the amaz...
Ogden Utah in Infrared   I decided to take a few Thermal Images around the town of Ogden, Utah. Infrared Cameras have proved to be an essential tool for a home or building inspections but they also take some really cool pictures.                     
Why is an Infrared Home Inspection so important before buying a Ogden Utah Home?   Because many things simply cannot be seen without Infrared Technology! The Infrared Images below were all taken during the last 2 weeks during Ogden Utah Home Inspections. As you will notice, NONE of these moisture...

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Utah Infrared Home Inspections, Utah Building Inspections, Utah Equine Thermography, Utah Commercial Property Inspections, Utah Mold Testing, Utah Meth Testing, Utah Radon Testing.